Our customer’s needs and ideas  are valuable for us and they play an important role in how our product range is developed. 

Our customers challenges us to create great solutions and keep coming up with new ideas for exciting mobile solutions to be integrated in existing systems.

Our customers consists of nearly every branch, and we are fortunate to be a part of creating the mobile future.

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mobile invoice case - LINK Mobility

Avida Finans is a credit company that provides financial solutions and services for companies and individuals in Sweden, Norway and Finland Avida’s mission is to provide financial services for businesses and consumers through efficient and targeted services. Avida wants to ensure customers’ satisfaction through innovative mobile solutions. Avida will now, through a fully integrated solution... Read more »

Best Western logo - LINK Mobility

Best Western Hotels & Resorts is a hotel chain of privately owned hotels with a global network of 4200 hotels in over 100 countries. The hotels are marketed under seven different brands and  the chain provides member hotels with Marketing, sales and revenue management and distribution, as well as quality assurance and training. In Scandinavia,... Read more »

Knupp AS

KNUPP AS har i dag syv hagesentre. Våre butikker er lokalisert i Sande, Horten, Larvik, Notodden, Drammen, Hadeland og Sarpsborg. KNUPP AS tilbyr sine kunder medlemskap i en kundeklubb, hvor de får forståelsen av at de er betydningsfulle for hagesenteret. Med sitt rike varesortiment tilbyr de sine kunder nyttige tips og inspirasjon til plante- og... Read more »

Skala FM LINK Mobility

Skala FM is the largest commercial local radio station in  Denmark, and nearly half a million people listens to the radio station every week. The radio station have been on the air since the start of  the  nineteen eighties, and transmits radio over the FM net to the entire south Jylland and Fyn, and also... Read more »

  Jysk is taking advantage of a special designed SMS solution, that delivers service messages to their  customes and employees. The solutions has been developed by LINK Mobility.  The solution is a multi-language application and are integrated with Jysk´s check-out system. Today Jysk   are using the solution in more than 30 countries, and new... Read more »

Northmill - bild - LINK Mobility

Through its brands  Easycredit and Credigo – Northmill is a part of the new generation of FinTech-companies, in which technology is put side by side with constant innovation to bring forward financial services that simplify the every-day financial life of thousands of Scandinavians. The company was founded in Stockholm 2006 and currently has a customer... Read more »

The viral game of Tuborg used the power of SMS communication in a collection game. It was a great success and people got really creative to collect as many codes as possible. By sending in a code, found at the back of the bottle label, Tuborg’s customers can gather points, which later can be exchanged for concert tickets.... Read more »


Public interaction in TV shows   Mobile solutions – like solutions for voting in shows and song contests, makes it possible for the viewers to take part in the shows and also to decide the winners of contests. Public votes help to increase the interest and attention of the show and to generate excitement about who... Read more »

Better service to Agder Energi Nett customers Power cuts and planned power outages are no longer a major source of irritation for Agder Energi Nett customers. A customer survey has shown that customers are extremely satisfied with the company sending out SMS messages in the event of a power cut or planned power outage. Simple... Read more »

Rogaland county wants to be ahead of its time when it comes to dialogue with its inhabitants. -That’s why we’re going for effective mobile and data solutions for our communication, says Tore Wersland from the county administration.

Agder energi nett

Make it easy for your customers to report their use of electric power Nina Vibeke Solem, the manager of the client center in Eidsiva Marked, can inform you that the arrangement of gauge reading on SMS quickly became popular with Eidsiva’s electricity clients: -With a grand total of 150 000 clients, where 15 000 are external... Read more »

The word generosity takes on a new meaning when you speak with Gro Justnes Kiledal in the Strømmestiftelsen in Kristiansand. You are immediately excited by this woman who glows with enthusiasm and joy. When she talks we are made aware of the many important tasks the foundation has in the world. She has the title... Read more »

SMS messages for resource planning is effective

Surveillance in stores

Imagine that the freezer in a modern grocery store suddenly stops working, or that some essential equipment breaks down without anyone noticing. The consequences can be fatal; this is a nightmare for any stor manager. Refrigerators, freezers and heat systems are all important aspects of food safety. This is why it is reassuring to know... Read more »

Røde kors SMS

SMS save lives When tragedies and catastrophes occur, like the terrible earthquake in Nepal in April 2015, urgent help is crucial. The Norwegian Red Cross mobilized emergency help and as a part of the campaign they started a fund raising using SMS, to establish more help for Nepal. During just a couple of hours, Red Cross sent out... Read more »

The media house, Bergens Tidende, wanted to create an exciting contest for the inhabitants of Bergen. The population of Bergen was invited to participate in a vote to decide who deserved the honor of being called Bergen’s Best, in several different categories.  Bergens Tidende used LINK Engage to administer the contest and engage their readers.... Read more »

The Consortio Fashion Group is one of the leading e-commerce organizations in the Nordic Region, The Baltic States and Central and Eastern Europe. Under the trademarks Halens, Cellbes and Bubblerom, Consortio has an annual turnover of SEK 1.5 billion and more than 500 employees. Sales of clothing and fashion predominate but furniture, home textiles, electronics... Read more »


LINKs services are fully integrated in Kuoni's CRM (Microsoft CRM) and our services are used as helpdesk, information channel and much more...

The “Lørdagspizza” campaign will be remembered as one of the most successful product launches in Norway. Learn how the mobile channel enabled an even bigger impact!  Pizza Grandiosa is the most popular frozen pizza in Norway with some 20 million units being produced every year. When the special edition of Grandiosa called Lørdagspizza (Saturday Pizza)... Read more »


Dyreparken in Kristiansand is Norway’s largest amusement resort that consists of Dyreparken (ZOO), Badelandet (a water park that can be accessed without entering the zoo) and the pirate hotel named Abra Havn. They also provide several different kinds of accommodation. The zoo is open during the entire year but the summertime is their high season. During... Read more »

Sørlandske sommerenetter is an association consisting of fellowship members from different businesses in the area, and the association’s shared vision is to create events that give great cultural experiences for its members and the public.

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LINK Mobility is the number one provider of mobile communication and solutions. We can provide several ready-to-go products, as well as value added mobile services. Leave your email or phone number, and we’ll get in touch!

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