SMS notifications to increase customer satisfaction

Power cuts and planned power outages are no longer a major source of irritation for Agder Energi Nett customers. A customer survey has shown that customers are extremely satisfied with the company sending out SMS messages in the event of a power cut or planned power outage. Simple messages sent as SMS proved to be a success in changing the attitudes of electricity customers. The SMS notifications have radically improved the company’s reputation.

The SMS notification scheme was developed by Elis AS in partnership with LINK Mobility. Elis is one of the country’s leading suppliers of systems for customer care and process systems within the energy sector.

“The survey was carried out among both customers who have received a text message following a power cut and those who have received a text message in conjunction with a planned power outage. Both groups gave the service high scores. The survey also shows that customers are very satisfied with the company’s delivery reliability”, says Astrid Hilde, who is team leader for customer care at Agder Energi Nett in Kristiansand.

“This is excellent news, given that customers found themselves without power, just before the survey was carried out. It is clear that information in connection with a fault contributes to a good score for overall customer experience.”

No need to call

Many people feel they receive enough information via the text messages that are sent out in the event of a power outage, and 90% say they do not need to call customer service or report fault after receiving an SMS. Those who want more information mostly wish to be notified when the power supply is working again,  and what caused the outage.

Functional information channel

In the event of a planned power outage due to maintenance on the grid, SMS’s are sent out to customers on the day before. The feedback from customers is that they think that SMS are an excellent way of receiving this information. Most of the receivers find  the messages easy to understand and that the message arrive at the right time in relation to the power outage. Some customers would like a more accurate time and duration for the outage, as well as notification of when the lines will be working again.

“The survey shows that SMS is a good channel to inform our customers, and the positive feedback will help us improve the service further”, says Astrid Hilde.pmread

Power meter readings via SMS is another success story for Agder Energi Nett, practical and simple.

“Via a friendly text reminder, we also notify our customers about unpaid bills. Customers seem to like this and a lot of them arrange payment rather fast after receiving the message via their mobile. We handle large sums of money and manage valuable national assets, so it is an advantage for everyone that unnecessary payment charges do not build up”, says Astrid Hilde.

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