Apollo Travel Group

Microsoft CRM is being rolled out throughout the entire Apollo Travel group, step by step, with the Nordic region being the first. LINK’s SMS services are integrated with Microsoft CRM so that communication with travelers, previously dealt with over the phone by tour guides, is replaced by SMS dialogue.
Prior to departure, the traveler receives information that Apollo offers the customer an efficient SMS service for information and questions in situ. Each country has its own number for higher recognition factor. LINK’s platform deals with all incoming and outgoing messages exchanged between the traveler and customer services.

Advantages and opportunitiessunbeds

  • Automatic outgoing SMS from Apollo’s CRM system with e.g. flight information via LINK’s platform
  • 24/7 service for questions from customers, which are dealt with by central multilingual customer service providers. This raises the level of service for travelers who will obtain immediate assistance.
  •  For Apollo, this leads to savings and the responsibility for the travelers is taken both centrally and locally. Everything is undertaken directly by Apollo’s own tools for smooth handling.

Facts and reference


From day one, the cooperation with LINK Mobility has been smooth and simple. To be able to pass rapidly from concept to implementation is extremely important for us at Apollo. We have always felt that we are well looked after in the joint projects. The integration between LINK and our business system has worked well since 2008, without any major disruptions. Support and development are speedy and of a high quality.

Johnny Nilsson
CRM Manager, Kuoni Nordic



Kuoni is a global travel operator which, in Sweden, is best known for the Apollo trademark. In 2009, the group had a SEK 6.6 billion turnover. Kuoni is the third largest travel operator in the Nordic region with around a million travelers in 2012.