Avida Finance is a credit company that provides financial solutions and services for companies and individuals in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Avida’s mission is to provide financial services for businesses and consumers through efficient and targeted services. Avida wants to ensure customers’ satisfaction through innovative mobile solutions.

Avida will now, through a fully integrated solution with LINK Mobility, offer  all administrative and financial  monitoring of invoice flow, generated via Link Mobility’s Mobile Payment solution.

Tore Krogstad - Avida finans

Country Manager for Avida Finans Norway, Tore Krogstad says:
“LINK Mobility’s unique position as the leading supplier of mobile solutions in the Nordic market, like SMS services and mobile payment solutions, together with Avida Finans’ innovative and flexible financial services, create a complete solution for invoice payment and  ledger  for both the creditor and the end consumer. End customers often request options for invoice payment,  and this is now easily solved without  increased risk for the client.”

  • The solutions that Avida use is called LINK Mobile invoice, and you can read more about it at the  product web site.
  •  Read more about Avida Finans (in Swedish, Norwegian or Finnish).