The media house, Bergens Tidende, wanted to create an exciting contest for the inhabitants of Bergen, Norway. The population of Bergen was invited to vote to decide who deserved the honor of being called Bergen’s Best, in several different categories.  Bergens Tidende used LINK Mobility to administer the contest and engage their readers.

Bergens Beste

The people of Bergen are known for self-confidence, strong opinions and crazy ideas. Sometimes this irritates; at other times it results in strong engagement. The media house, Bergens Tidende, found that they wanted to use the local population’s intense desire to have an opinion on everything as a part of their marketing strategy and to increase reader participation.

Bergens-besteEvery tenth person

About 25 000 people voted in the Bergen’s Best competition,  which is more than 10 percent of the local population. A total of 90 000 votes were sent by SMS to number 2077.  The interest around the voting was incredible. “It has exceeded all expectations”, commented Sturle Rasmussen in BT Media.

The best in town

The most popular category was – naturally – the category “Bergen’s Best Local Inhabitant”. This attracted several thousands of votes.

The second most popular category was “Bergen’s Best Shopping Mall”. “Bergen’s best Tourist Attraction” and “Bergen’s Best Hiking Trail” also received a lot of votes. “It was very satisfactory to see that non-commercial categories were so high on the list,” says Sturle Rasmussen.

Posters with hearts were hung in shopping malls, cafés and restaurants. The nominees were proud, allowed posters about this to be put up in their businesses and engaged their customers and visitors. “Bergen’s Best” was the major talking point. It was only possible to vote once in each category by phone.

A great amount of people  also became members of “Bergens Best” on Facebook.

Voting took place by sending an SMS with the codeword BT BB and a candidate number to 2077.

The winner was presented in a special edition of BT Magazine.


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