Mobile communication with visitors

Dyreparken in Kristiansand is Norway’s largest amusement resort that consists of Dyreparken (ZOO), Badelandet (a water park that can be accessed without entering the zoo) and the pirate hotel named Abra Havn. They also provide several different kinds of accommodation.

The zoo is open all year around but the summertime is their high season. During a few hectic months they have several hundred thousand visitors.melding dyreparl

Dyreparken is known to be an innovative attraction, both in creating exciting new attractions for their visitors, but also when it comes down to create and take advantage of new solutions that makes it easier for their visitors to enjoy their adventures.

LINK Mobility is a proud partner of Dyreparken. Together we have developed solutions that create both higher efficiency and provide value for the visitors and the amusement park.

Solutions for parking

Today we rarely carry cash along with us. Therefore Dyreparken wished to provide their visitors with the ability to pay for parking using their mobile phone. 

This is done by the visitor sending a text message with the keyword “Parker” to short code number 2377. The parking fee is then debited to the visitor’s phone bill and a receipt that confirms the payment is sent to the visitor’s phone.

Newsletters to mobile phones

Throughout the year there is a lot of exciting happenings at Dyreparken. The visitors can keep informed about upcoming events by subscribing to newsletters from the zoo. The visitors can send a text message with the keyword “DP” to short code number 2377 to sign up for this service and automatically receive newsletters from Dyreparken.

Dyreparken administer these sign-on/sign-off messages for newsletters in their own interface and can change the messages to be sent as a response when needed.

Digital communication with their visitors is essential for Dyreparken’s marketing. “The audience appreciates a mobile communication that they can be a part of”, says Dyreparken.

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