Power meter readings – make it easy for your customers to report their use of electric power

Nina Vibeke Solem, the manager of the client center in Eidsiva Marked, is happy to inform you that the arrangement of gauge reading on SMS quickly became popular with Eidsiva’s electricity clients:

-With a grand total of 150 000 clients, where 15 000 are external power clients, we send about 70 000 SMS every month. The majority of these regard reminders to read power gauges, she says. Solem says that there are many reasons why the gauge reading service has become so popular:

-Today, everyone has a mobile phone, and most of us carry it around everywhere we go. Therefore, with an SMS-notification it is easy to get a reminder to read your power gauge instantly. Additionally we have a very simple system where you simply send the results from the gauge to 06262, Solem says.

Customer service

In addition to gauge reading, Edsivia uses SMS-notifications in relation to scheduled blackouts. All Eidsivia-clients can easily register on the company’s website to receive a notification directly to their phone about when these blackouts occur.

-We have received a lot of positive feedback from our customers regarding this service. They appreciate getting to know about the blackouts before they happen, and this is also a simple way for us to keep in touch with our users, says Nina Vibeke Solem.

Invoice reminder

Another area that is suitable for communication via SMS, is according to Solem cases where the bills have not been paid.

-Some of our clients are for various reasons difficult to get in touch with. An SMS reminder about due payment can be a good way for us to get our money, so that we don’t have to cut the power to the client, she remarks.

Freedom of choice

Solem tells us that Eidsiva offers their clients notifications via either SMS or E-mail.

-We offer both alternatives, and it’s the individual client’s decision to choose which system they prefer. Most importantly these systems free resources by limiting both the amount of paperwork and the inquiries to our client center, she ascertains.


  • Eidsiva is owned by Oppland and Hedmark counties, as well as 26 municipalities within the counties. The company is a significant part of the sale of electricity, broadband and electrical safety, and has an annual turnover of about four billion Norwegian Kroner.
  • Eidsiva Marked is the company’s client center, which is tasked with settlement, billing and payment administration. The company is LINKed to software and services developed by Enoro, and uses LINK Mobility to send and receive text messages.

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