Public interaction in TV-shows


Mobile solutions – like solutions for voting in shows and song contests, makes it possible for the viewers to take part in the shows and also to designate winners of contests.

Public votes help increase the interest and attention of the show and to generate excitement regarding who wins. Further on, it also provides an income that makes it possible to create exciting new entertainment shows.

Eurovision (Melodi Grand Prix) is an annual music competition organized by NRK, where the winner will represent Norway in the European Eurovision Song Contest the same year. LINK Mobility has for several years been NRK’s voting partner, handling millions of premium messages.


“We at NRK is collaborating with LINK Mobility to offer our viewers the most modern solutions in mobile communication. LINK Mobility has helped us during major live broadcasts like  Eurovision, Sports Galla and Stjernekampen, where they have made fast and accurate liquidations of polls to help in presenting the winners.”

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