SMS messages for resource planning is highly effective

Skjermbilde 2015-09-04 kl. 14.36.52Text messaging has boosted efficiency within the Norwegian health service. Mobile services integrated in software for managing personnel resources have proven to be extremely effective.

Amund Haldorsen in Gatsoft AS is in no doubt that text messaging has resulted in major resource savings and efficiency gains. For some time now, Gatsoft has been integrating the mobile phone as a tool within personnel administration. The company is one of Norway’s leading firms within software for personnel management which will improve the efficiency of public sector administration and organizations, partly by reducing costs and helping to optimize decisions.

Experienced partnership

Gatsoft has many years of experience of developing user-friendly software and has customers both in Norway and abroad. LINK Mobility is Gatsoft’s service provider regarding text messaging and mobile solutions.

New opportunities

Amund Haldorsen at Gatsoft says that text messaging has presented the company with completely new opportunities in regards to availability and optimization of personnel resources. Employees can be called to work or asked about additional work within the health service via text messages. The administration can sort the available personnel according to their skills, cost or special wishes based on the work situation.  Time-intensive telephone calls are eliminated. The use of two-way text messaging gives informed and updated labor and makes the planning of work and leisure time far more efficient for everyone concerned.

Preferred by 80%

Gatsoft has been preferred in over 80% of the public sector tender competitions held over the past five years. Gatsoft now manages the personnel resources in 60% of Norway’s hospitals, 44 municipalities and many other public and private sector organizations. All organizations have their challenges as regards to the planning, coordination and management of personnel resources within the framework that has been established for the operation. Traditional rotation planning tools will not help with this. Gatsoft is an integrated management tool, which helps managers with administrative work processes that involve the personnel and their activities. It also gives the employees an overview of their own work situation as well as an opportunity to influence their own working day. The key is good work processes that benefit the employer and the employee alike.

(Gatsoft is now a part of Visma.)