Learn how the mobile channel enabled an even bigger impact

The “Saturday Pizza” campaign will be remembered as one of the most successful product launches in Norway. Pizza Grandiosa is the most popular frozen pizza in Norway with some 20 million units being produced every year.

Whcase_study-iphone-grandiosa_0en the special edition of Grandiosa called Lørdagspizza (Saturday Pizza) was introduced, one of the goals of the marketing campaign was to raise awareness in all available channels, including mobile.

LINK Mobility developed a mobile portal where the consumers had the choice of downloading (free of charge) products. The campaign was a huge success, the ringtone alone had over 630 000 downloads – while 85 000 downloaded the TV Commercial and some 50 000 downloaded the wallpapers and screensavers. 25 000 people joined the Grandiosa Mobile Fanclub. According to a Norwegian market intelligence company, 84 percent of the Norwegian population knew what “Lørdagspizza” was within 6 weeks.


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