Through its brands  Easycredit and Credigo – Northmill is a part of the new generation of FinTech-companies, in which technology is put side by side with constant innovation to bring forward financial services that simplify the every-day financial life of thousands of Scandinavians.

The company was founded in Stockholm 2006 and currently has a customer base exceeding over 100 000 customers in Sweden and Finland.

Tough competition demands effective tools of communication

Northmill’s business is exclusively conducted online, a forum where competition and diversification poses the greatest of challenges. Considering this, it does not come as a surprise that it is essential for Northmill to have efficient methods of communication Northmill-bild2to be able to contend their customers. Having a service that supports direct attainability for its customers, in two different countries, becomes vital – though it is not easy to come by.

The solution

Through LINK Mobility, handling the communication with its costumers has been revolutionized in efficiency. Northmill has integrated LINK Mobilitys solutions and now have the ability to send out thousands of both automated and manual messages to their customers.

LINK Mobility is the obvious partner considering our state of the art technology and services in both markets, combined.

An example of how Northmill uses LINK Mobilitys SMS-service

  • When a costumer borrows money online, a large part of the communication is conducted safely and quickly through the automated text messages.
  • Furthermore, LINK Mobilitys own interfaced is used to send out messages to thousands of customers for marketing purposes.


“Implementing and integrating with LINK Mobility was really easy. The service that was provided during implementation was great and the interface is really easy to work with.” – Nemrud Kurt, Online Marketeer and responsible for Northmill’s SMS-communication.

”Text messaging is one of our most important channels of communication. LINK Mobility were utterly professional already at first contact. We tested the functionality of the services and their availability before running tests towards their API. The integration with LINK Mobility is one of the smoothest we’ve ever done. The choice was easy. The partnership with LINK works flawlessly!” – Ninos Gawrieh, CIO and in charge of the procurement.


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