SMS voting

sornatt2“Sørlandske sommerenetter” is a Norwegian association consisting of fellowship members from different businesses in the area, and the association’s shared vision is to create events that give great cultural experiences for its members and the public.

The association Sørlandske sommerenetter in Kristiansand has been hosting the University Galla Concert in collaboration with the University of Agder every year for the past six years.

The participants, students at the University of Agder, are competing in two classes; Rhythmic and Classical music. The award for both classes is NOK 10 000. Prices are given by the Fellowship members of “Sørlandske sommerenetter”. The classic finalists are performing famous classical music pieces they have selected and the rhythmic finalist participate with music they have composed themselves .

sornat1“This year’s celebration concert was held May 21st (2015), in Sigurd Kohn house hall 1 at the University in front of a very enthusiastic audience,” says CEO of Sørlandske sommernetter, Kjell Rune Nakkestad. 

The audience voted for the participants via SMS voting and “Sørlandske sommernetter” have been using the LINK Mobility service for 8 years in all.


“LINK Mobility makes it easy to set up a voting service and the audience uses a keyword for each artist and sends this by SMS as their vote to short code number 26112. The service is simple to manage and we create an inbox for each keyword, so it is easy to see when messages arrive for each artist. The audience also appreciates this simple way to place their votes and they are all familiar with this kind of voting from a variety of other media happenings. In this way, we run a safe, fast and fair vote in our competition, ” finnishes Kjell Rune Nakkestad.

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