One SMS and the donor is there

The word generosity takes on a new meaning when you speak with Gro Justnes Kiledal in the Strømmestiftelsen in Kristiansand.

Gro-J-KiledalYou are immediately excited by this woman who glows with enthusiasm and joy. When she talks we are made aware of the many important tasks the foundation has in the world. She has the title “fundraiser” on her business card and after a few minutes of conversation we immediately want to contribute.

The foundation’s vision is a world without poverty. It contributes to long-term development in cooperation with local organizations. The two most important tools are education and micro finances.

By giving people an education and the opportunity to take up small loans and saving opportunities, they contribute to helping the people help themselves. In order to do this, the foundation is dependent on a lot of donors.

An important tool

Now, SMS messages and phones have become an important element in the donor service and a tool to acquire means. “It’s fun”, says Gro Justnes Kiledal. “And it’s quick. A reminder via text message, and the donor is ready. In total we have a group of around 25 000 regular donors and 25 000 “random” ones. They belong to different age groups and genders, so we have to adapt the contact and means for the different donors.”

Social media

“The younger generations are probably better at texting, but we see that all age groups are following their lead. We have donors divided into groups that we call Godparents, Bridge builders and Poverty Fighters. The Poverty fighters consist of many young people who easily communicate through new media, not only SMS messages, but also Facebook and blogs. Our websites are crucial to our communications with the donors. We wish to be modern and professional in relation to all different media channels and all of our customer relations. Both for us and our donors, the SMS solutions has been very effective and given fast results. Our fundraiser for Haiti is a fine example of this”, continues Gro Justnes Kiledal.


Strømmestiftelsen cooperates with Profundo, a service company for volunteer foundations. Profundo has customer consultants, project managers, counselors, IT-personnel with experience working with and in volunteer organizations that also have knowledge of fundraising, telemarketing, and other market communications. The company has system responsibility for Strømmestiftelsen’s use of SMS services.    

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