The viral game of Tuborg used the power of SMS communication in a collection game. It was a great success and people got really creative to collect as many codes as possible.case_study-iphone-tuborg

By sending in a code, found at the back of the bottle label, Tuborg’s customers can gather points, which later can be exchanged for concert tickets. When a customer submits a code by SMS a response is immediately returned, informing the user of the total amount of points he or she has available on their GreenPass account. The customer can check their balance, add new codes or extract points. They can also upload photos to their personal account through sending in an MMS from their mobile phone. The concept also includes SMS voting possibilities with a real-time result displayed on the GreenPass website.

Customers, who start a GreenPass account ,can also download a free ringtone; Song 2 by Blur, which is the theme song of the ongoing campaign and Tuborg brand on all advertising channels such as TV, radio, web, etc.

LINK Mobility generated 650 000 unique codes for the first phase of the campaign.