Mobile payment, where small purchases are charged to the customers’ mobile phone bill, is growing rapidly and has become an attractive alternative to charges by credit card.

Each individual country has its own restrictions and laws that must be followed in regards to mobile payment practices. LINK Mobility will guide you through the correct process for mobile operators and financial institutions within each country.

LINK Mobility also offer payment solutions combining mobile  and credit card payments as well as a full range payment systems for credit cards, Invoice and SMS payment in a one stop shop solution.



Operatøren har allerede et fakturerings-system, som gør det nemt at trække penge på kundens mobilregning. 


Kunden skal kun foretage et simpelt klik for at bekræfte betalingen. Der er ikke behov for at taste yderligere betalingsinformationer


LINK Mobility har et stort fokus på sikkerhed. Mobilbetaling er lige så sikkert som andre betalingsløsninger