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When tragedies and catastrophes occur, like the terrible earthquake in Nepal in April 2015, urgent help is crucial. The Norwegian Red Cross mobilized emergency help and as a part of the campaign they started a fund raising using SMS, to establish more help for Nepal.

During just a couple of hours, Red Cross sent out messages to about 650.000 Norwegian mobile subscribers, asking them to contribute to their emergency help actions. The response was amazing, and determines that the Norwegian people are positive to donate money via SMS.

Red Cross managed to raise more than NOK 10 million in just 2 days. Apart from sending SMS messages to ask people to contribute, there were also massive marketing campaigns in e-mail, social media and posters all shown in several different TV and media channels. 

LINK Mobility is very proud to deliver effective solutions for mobile donations and to see how fast it is possible to establish help for people in need.

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Gesteigertes Engagement für Charity Der Hilfsbedarf ist groß, wenn Katastrophen wie Erdbeben, Tsunamis, Hungersnöte oder Kriege auftreten. Wir sind stolz darauf, die Arbeit von Wohltätigkeitsorganisationen mit unseren Lösungen zu unterstützen und so zu einer Verbesserung der Situation beizutragen. Wohltätigkeitsorganisationen, die von Fundraising abhängig sind, können über eine Vielzahl von situationsbezogenen mobilen Zahlungsmethoden profitieren und so ihren Return-on-Investment für Fundraising-Aktivitäten verbessern…. Weiterlesen »