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LINK helps over 47,000 global customers engage in meaningful conversations with their audience across multiple channels through our platform-as-a-service offering. Super use cases include mobile communications for notifications, marketing, and promotions, and customer care.

About Us

Across industries, we offer access to communication platforms that offer a wide range of innovative and scalable mobile services. As a Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) provider, we make mobile interaction and modern conversation easy. Whether you need to SMS, WhatsApp, or engage in automated conversations with your audience, we have the ideal platform to scale with your needs. LINK takes pride in providing a superior level of support, account management, and consultation for all customers no matter their project size.

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What We Offer

Our communications and payments platform allows marketing, sales, and customer service to automate engagement with customers across multiple mobile channels, combined with seamless payment capabilities to drive sales, gain customers, and increase customer satisfaction.

Boost customer engagement with LINK!

It's never been easier. With LINK, globally scale your customer communications on the channels they prefer like SMS, WhatsApp Business API, Instagram, and more.

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Our History

In 2001 we took the first small steps within the development of more intelligent mobile communication interfaces of our future. Since then we have become Europe’s leading provider within mobile messaging. We are now 700+ LINKers who strive towards transforming personalised communications with multiple and new channels and innovative mobile communication services. As a CPaaS provider, we make mobile interaction and modern conversation easy. Including all aspects of mobile communications, we provide fast, global, and personalised messaging as a key driver in the business-customer dialogue of today.

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>47kInternational customers
> 14.7 billionMessages in 2021
700+Employees worldwide
30International locations

Our Leadership Team

With a creative approach to business needs and technologies, we always seek to deliver valuable mobile communication services with a global reach.

Headshot of thomas berge

Thomas Berge

Chief Executive Officer

Lin Austbø

Chief Performance Officer & Chief People and Strategy Officer

headshot of Rune Eivind Strandli

Rune Eivind Strandli

Chief Technical Officer

headshot of Morten Løken Edvardsen

Morten Løken Edvardsen

Chief Financial Officer

headshot of Pål Marius Brun

Pål Marius Brun

Chief Product Officer

headshot of Ina Rasmussen

Ina Rasmussen

Chief Operating Officer Northern Europe

headshot of Benoît Bole

Benoît Bole

Chief Operating Officer Western Europe

Riccardo Dragoni Chief Operating Officer Central Europe

Riccardo Dragoni

Chief Operating Officer Central Europe

Our Values

As LINKers, we live by three core values that drive our business and culture: United, Dedicated, and Enthusiastic. We appreciate diversity, cross-border collaboration, and solving complex challenges in a high growth environment. LINKers are knowledgeable, curious, and agile team players who strive to consistently deliver the best mobile services for our customers.

Work with us

At LINK, we transform communications and deliver millions of valuable personalized messages worldwide, every day. Join us on our journey today.

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