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Are your communications on track for the Olympic season?

Let's explore some Olympic marketing and messaging ideas

The Olympic Games, a global symbol of unity and competition, provides an opportunity for brands to interact with their audience. Whether you are an events organization looking to get in on the action or a retailer seeking a relevant topic for your communications, our blog below might just inspire you in time for summer. With the rise of the digital era, omnichannel communication during the Olympic Games has become the norm, offering spectators, athletes, and organizers a rich and connected experience. In this article, we will explore the communication strategies that companies can implement this summer to stay relevant, with a focus on RCS (Rich Communication Services), which is now establishing itself as the new standard for mobile communication (SMS 2.0), creating an exceptional level of engagement and interactivity for its recipients.

Make themed communications the pillar of your messaging strategy

With traditional media such as television, radio, the web, and innovative media like mobile messaging apps (WhatsApp, Messenger, Viber, WeChat, etc.), or social networks, the Olympic Games are covered and watched on a multitude of channels, reaching a global audience. This diversity allows all population segments to be reached, and, by extension, is a real challenge for companies that must invest in these communication channels to speak to their customers. Today, omnichannel marketing is no longer a fast fashion trend; it lies at the heart of the strategy aimed at improving the customer experience.

The use of omnichannel devices or the integration of a CPaaS solutions plays an essential role in business communications. Spectators can be informed in real-time of the latest updates on competitions, results, schedules, and special events, through SMS, RCS alerts, or messages via messaging apps such as WhatsApp. This complementary use of several communication channels ensures that recipients remain connected and engaged throughout the event all while strengthening their bond with the brand.

Examples of omnichannel mobile communication

How can you utilize the Olympics and mobile messaging to engage your audience this summer ?

  • Targeted SMS Campaigns: Send personalized SMS messages to spectators based on their preferences and location. Provide special offers, discounts, or information on promotional events, encouraging recipient participation and strengthening their brand loyalty.

  • Enriched RCS Experience: Benefit from RCS, with its advanced features, offering immersive and interactive experiences through call-to-action buttons, file downloads, sharing maps or locations, sending photos or videos, and more.

  • Personalized Assistance via WhatsApp: Use WhatsApp as a support and dialogue channel during the Olympic Games, providing real-time assistance to customers to answer their questions about events, special promotions, products etc. The company's accessibility will undoubtedly improve customer experiences and brand perception.

The use of multiple perfectly integrated communication channels in an omnichannel communication strategy during the Olympic Games, allows companies and brands like yourself, to create personalized, engaging, and memorable experiences for customers, thereby strengthening their brand image and relationship with their target audience.

Engagement reinvented with RCS

Let’s deep dive into RCS communications as an example and see how these can have your communications winning hearts of gold this summer.

Real-Time connectivity

The Olympic Games are characterized by their dynamic, popular, and constantly evolving nature. The RCS channel, a true SMS in color effect, allows brands to interact with recipients in real time, providing instant updates, sharing results, or broadcasting exclusive information. Real-time connectivity is a strong point of the RCS channel. With over 80% read rates and all within a very short time (less than 3 minutes), it creates an immersive experience, placing users at the heart of the action, whether on the field or behind the screens.

Contextual personalization

RCS goes even further by allowing advanced contextual personalization. Messages can be adapted according to user preferences, location, and even events during the Olympic Games. Brands can send relevant content, such as special offers for supporters, invitations to exclusive events, or information on the performances of their favorite athletes. Personalization amplifies a customer’s emotional connection with a brand and this is something not to be missed.

Interactivity and participation

RCS campaigns offer increased interactivity through features such as action buttons. Spectators can participate in live polls, access interactive games, or even purchase official products directly from messages. This participatory dimension increases engagement and transforms spectators into active participants in the event.

Why is the Olympics a great angle for your summer communications?

Unique opportunities at Paris 2024

The 2024 Paris Olympic Games present unique opportunities for brands. By capitalizing on the excitement surrounding this global event, RCS campaigns are an opportunity for a brand to contact an international and diverse audience. The use of multilingual messages and personalization according to specific cultures, will reinforce the impact of the campaigns.

Support for Athletes

RCS offers an ideal platform for brands wishing to show their support for athletes. Personalized messages, inspiring testimonials, and calls to action to encourage national athletes create an emotional connection between the brand and the public. Brands can also encourage spectators to share their messages of support.

Exclusive promotions and special offers

The 2024 Olympics is a big party, but also a gigantic economic market (1st planetary event) where many brands take the opportunity to value their offers, launch exclusive products. RCS campaigns can include special offers on products related to the Games, discounts for ticket holders, or even unique experiences to be won.

The final sprint...

Implementing an RCS campaign during the 2024 Paris Olympics offers brands a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the spirit of the event and create memorable connections with their audience. Real-time engagement, contextual personalization, and interactivity make RCS a powerful tool for engaging interactions and conversations with customers. By capitalizing on these advantages, companies and brands can not only utilize an international event to gain momentum but also maintain privileged relationships while developing their popularity with their customers.

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