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Sweeten this Valentine's Day with text messages

Valentine's Day is a great opportunity for online stores and retailers to boost their sales and inspire customers. With a well-planned and creative SMS marketing campaign, you can attract the attention of your target audience and increase sales. In this article, we’ll share our 9 best tips and creative ideas for making your Valentine's Day campaign even more successful with SMS marketing.

Why you should use SMS marketing for Valentine's Day

Before we get into the details of campaign design, let's briefly explain why SMS marketing is a particularly effective strategy for Valentine's Day. Around 40million Brits celebrate Valentine's Day each year. But how can you benefit from the huge increase in sales on the day of love? An SMS campaign offers you the opportunity to address your customers directly and draw their attention to your offers.

Most online purchases for Valentine's Day are made directly on smartphones, making SMS the ideal channel to advertise your offers and promotions. Compared to other marketing channels, SMS offers a high open rate and fast response times. Studies have shown that the open rate of SMS is around 98%, while emails only have an average open rate of 22%. In addition, SMS is a personal and direct form of communication that allows you to address your customers individually and establish an emotional connection.

Tip: Also use Valentine's Day to attract new subscribers to your SMS marketing. Encourage existing and potential customers to sign up for your SMS list by offering exclusive discounts and news. An email might also help inform existing customers without opt-in or mobile number on file, about your Valentine's Day campaign and encourage them to sign up.

Turn your target audience’s head with the right approach

Before you start your SMS campaign, you should know and understand your target audience’s wants. Think about who your customers are and what they are looking for on Valentine's Day.

Tip #1: It doesn't always have to be about happy couples! If you only address couples in love, you are leaving out many potential customers. Also think about gifts for friends, family members and singles.

Tip #2: Segment your customer list and tailor your messages accordingly. Singles, for example, could receive special offers for themselves or their friends, while couples could benefit from romantic offers and gifts.

Tip #3: Personalize your messages by using your customer's first name. This creates a personal connection and increases the likelihood that your message will be read. If they are a frequent purchaser of a certain item, why not offer them a discount on a product you know they love?

Tip #4: Don't forget the call to action. A simply worded request, such as "Reply with INFO to find out more about this offer!" or a link will help your customers to take the action you want them to take.

When is the best time for SMS marketing messages near Valentine's Day?

The optimal time for marketing mailings via SMS is around three weeks before Valentine's Day, when your customers are already in the mood for the holiday and there is still enough time for the purchase decision and delivery. Not everyone is as organised, so remember if you are promoting gift vouchers by SMS, these work well as great last minute gifts in the days leading up to the big day too!

Tip: Marketing automation takes work off your hands. Automatically send personalised messages with special offers and last-minute reminders to your customers at pre-set intervals!

Creative ideas to fall in love with for your Valentine's Day campaign

Valentine's Day offers many opportunities for creative marketing campaigns. Here are some ideas on how you can design your SMS campaign:

1. Offer gift ideas and discounts

Help your customers find the perfect gift by offering gift ideas and discounts. Put together a selection of products that are suitable for Valentine's Day and offer exclusive discounts. Use SMS to inform your customers about these offers and give them an incentive to shop with you.

2. Competitions and contests

Organize a prize draw or competition to increase customer engagement and encourage them to take part. Offer attractive prizes, such as a romantic weekend for two or an exclusive dinner at a renowned restaurant. Use the text message to inform your customers about the competition and encourage them to take part.

3. Last-minute offers

Even people in love forget to shop sometimes: So offer last-minute deals for those who decide late. Use text messages to remind your customers that Valentine's Day is approaching and that they still have time to shop with you. The aim is to make the shopping experience easier for customers.

Offer exclusive discounts or express delivery to create a sense of urgency and encourage the customer to make a quick decision.

4. Personalised recommendations

Use your customer data to make personalized recommendations and take into account your customers' preferences, interests and past purchases to provide them with tailored suggestions. Alert your customers to these personalised recommendations via SMS and give them an incentive to shop with you.

5. Exclusive events and experiences

Offer exclusive events or experiences for Valentine's Day to give your customers a unique experience. For example, organize a romantic dinner or a cooking class for couples. Use SMS to invite your customers to these events and offer them exclusive access.

6. Vouchers

Offer your customers a flexible gift option with vouchers. Use text messages to make your customers aware of the voucher purchase and provide incentives to shop with you. Emphasize the advantages of vouchers, such as the option to choose the perfect gift themselves.

7. Romantic tips and ideas

Share romantic tips and ideas with your customers to inspire them and help them plan the perfect Valentine's Day. Use text messages to surprise your customers with romantic quotes, poems, or activities. Emphasize the importance of spending time with loved ones and expressing appreciation.

8. Follow-up and thank you

After Valentine's Day, it's important to thank your customers for their purchase and express your appreciation. Use SMS to send your customers a thank you message and offer them exclusive offers or discounts on their next order. Emphasise that you are happy to have them as a customer and that you are looking forward to their next purchase.

9. Analyse and optimize your campaign

A successful Valentine's Day SMS campaign requires continuous analysis and optimisation. Measure the success of your campaign to see how well your messages are received by your customers and which actions work best. Test different offers, subject lines, and call-to-actions to find out what works best and adjust your campaign accordingly.

Conclusion: SMS marketing for a successful Valentine's Day campaign

A well-planned and creative SMS marketing campaign can help you successfully implement your Valentine's Day campaign. Use the advantages of SMS to address your customers directly and draw their attention to your offers. Personalise your messages, offer gift ideas and discounts, organise competitions and events, share romantic tips, ideas, and thank your customers for their purchase. With these, you can make your Valentine's Day campaign a success and make customers' hearts beat faster.

And don't forget, after Valentine's Day is Easter and Mother's Day! Use your newfound knowledge to take full advantage of your marketing and sales potential for the upcoming holidays too!

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