LINK Campaign named “Best Communications Tool” at E-Commerce Germany Awards

Published on 2022-05-24

We are delighted to announce that LINK Mobility DACH (LINK) took first place with its innovative campaign and conversation tool for SMS and RCS sending at the E-Commerce Germany Awards in Berlin.

In the online voting that took place in the run-up to the award ceremony, the multichannel campaign designer LINK Campaign placed within the top 3 entries. This qualified LINK Campaign, which helps online retailers reach their customers at the right time with the right message, to make it to the official awards gala for the E-Commerce Germany Awards. During the official awards ceremony on May 4th, LINK Campaign was awarded, by an independent expert jury, the "Best Communications Tool" accolade.

LINK Campaign is characterized by its user-friendly approach and 100% accuracy during message transmission. With a multichannel offering and flexible functions such as rich media and integrated actions such as buttons, locations, calendar entries, and telephone dial button transform mobile mailings into an interactive and engaging customer experience. Designed to handle mass mailings or individual messages, with LINK Campaign a mobile marketing campaign can be created in just five minutes.

“Being named Best Communications Tool by the jury at the E-Commerce Germany Awards underscores the great potential that online retailers have to interact and engage with their customers by supplementing mobile communications channels. With LINK Campaign, retailers can easily enter the world of mobile messaging to reach their customers directly via their smartphones, the most relevant touchpoint, without needing them to install extra software. “ – Hendrik Faasch, Chief Operating Officer, Central Europe at LINK Mobility Group

LINK’s client of four years, Berner Italia S.p.A. (Berner), serves as a prime example to illustrate the use of LINK Campaign on an international scale. Operating in over 25 countries within Europe, Italian-based Berner has mainly offered B2B services, selling to shops who serve the end customer. Until recently, Berner applied LINK Campaign internally as a communication means for its employees (i.e. sales competitions) and is now making it available to customer groups.

Currently, Berner is in the process of franchising shops with the aim to market directly to the end customer with several thousand SMS being regularly sent to specific target groups. The result has been widely positive, with more than a 60% click through rate of invitations sent via SMS, taking the user to the landing page.

“By utilizing a LINK Campaign, we are able to generate multimedia landing pages which displays coupons, gives product updates, and recent discounts all the while engaging local sales representatives by supplying them with formative information. Time to market is greatly reduced. Furthermore, by including vouchers and offers through a special QR code via direct message, customers are more motivated to opt-in, enhancing brand loyalty and driving higher engagement, with higher open and click-through rates. This stats provide significant uplifts in campaign success rates in comparison to employing standard newsletters to communicate our offers. Berner also benefits as no additional IT resources are required to facilitate these communications.” - Annalisa Poli, Head of Communications, South East Corporate Communications, at Berner Italy.

As Berner continues to expand, LINK Campaign plays a key role in directing Berner’s end users towards their communications: the right message on the right channel at the right time.