Published on 2020-08-18

LINK Mobility becomes CPaaS ready

LINK Mobility releases an upgraded version of its Common Gateway Infrastructure (CGI) Platform making it fully CPaaS ready.

The new version of CGI enables customers to use a large variety of channels for A2P and P2A applications, including Google Verified SMS, Viber, RCS, and WhatsApp.

During Covid-19, the platform has been used by several governments and mobile operators to communicate to a large number of customers. During the first days of Covid-19, we sent over 27 million messages in Europe. Governments were able to give updates to their citizens during this critical time and companies were able to stay in touch with customers despite the crisis. During the last few months, the latest version of CGI was able to send Mobile Originated and Mobile Terminated advanced traffic to 220 countries including SMS, RCS, WhatsApp for Business, and Viber. This means governments and organizations could reach their audiences more effectively and on their preferred channels.

LINK’s CEO, Guillaume Van Gaver, says, “The Corona crisis is not only speeding up the need to increase institutions’ and companies’ digital capabilities, but it also requires an increase in communication with citizens and customers. This is why we are happy to grow our omnichannel capabilities and offer our customers more ways to reach their audiences. We are also happy to increase our investments in new features to our existing wide range of platforms to support our customers in a wide variety of use cases.”

To support brands during the reopening of society, we used RCS to increase the response rate of end customers as well as WhatsApp for customer service use cases.

In Q4 2020, LINK Mobility will continue to roll out additional CPaaS functionalities, such as Facebook Messenger, and onboard local markets to the Mediation system provided by Digital Route and billing system provided by Cerillion.