Published on 2021-01-14

LINK Mobility delivers SMS for Universal Music Sweden

LINK Mobility has begun a collaboration for SMS communication with Universal Music Sweden. Their goal with these SMS messages is to be able to send out campaigns that get a high click-through rate and fast engagement.

“We have previously mainly communicated via e-mail, but now that we have an SMS system, we see an opportunity to quickly and easily collect and supplement customer data,” announces Agnes Almvärn, Engagement Marketing Lead at Universal Music Sweden. “In addition, we see clear advantages with SMS because it gives us a way to quickly reach out to our artists’ fans.”

Universal has already created an SMS campaign to reward an artist’s record release. Fans can sign up to take part in exclusive material before the release. This type of campaign enables them to collect customer data while creating a buzz around the artist’s record release.

“We were positively surprised by how well the campaign worked in the SMS channel; the artist pushed mainly organically on Instagram Stories but the result exceeded expectations. Despite a short time frame, we managed to engage many fans who were interested in receiving exclusive material one day before the record release, and as much as 86% of the traffic came from the text message campaign,” Agnes continues.

The campaign was communicated via email and SMS the day before the record release. Furthermore, the landing page had more impressions than the number of clicks. This shows that the recipient group was very interested and may also have shared this further.

“As much as 86% of the traffic on the landing page came from text messages.”

“We look forward to a continued collaboration, and I think it looks incredibly promising after the breakthrough of their first SMS campaign. We think it’s fun to introduce SMS communication to companies that have previously communicated in other channels, to show that SMS is unbeatable when it comes to short and concise content that will reach a large target group quickly,” says Viktor Anagrius, Partner Manager at LINK Mobility Sweden.

About Universal Music

Universal Music is Sweden’s and the world’s leading music company with representation in all 71 countries. Universal Music Sweden is wholly owned by Universal Music Group. Under the main label are a number of successful, classic record brands and artists. Some of these include Motown, Interscope, Stockholm Records, Def Jam, Polar, Verve, and Deutsche Grammophone.