Published on 2022-06-08

LINK Mobility joins Euronext Tech Leaders

We are delighted to announce LINK’s inclusion in Euronext Tech Leaders, a new Euronext initiative composed of high-growth and leading European tech companies.

Euronext Tech Leaders is composed of roughly 100 companies, each meeting a specific set of criteria to qualify. The companies represent a total market capitalization of 1 trillion euros.

Euronext will introduce an index tracking the performance of the companies in the Euronext Tech Leaders. Several events will be held to support the initiative, with a kick-off event in Paris in the fourth quarter of 2022. Additionally, there will be marketing and communication initiatives devoted to increasing the international visibility of the recognized companies.

In total, over 700 tech companies are listed on Euronext markets which are connected to a wide international investor base focused on financing growth companies.

Learn more about Euronext Tech Leaders in the video below.

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