Published on 2022-02-17

LINK Mobility partners with SEEN to deliver videos via SMS

Today, LINK Mobility, Europe’s leading provider of mobile messaging communications and global CPaaS player, is pleased to announce our partnership with SEEN, the Nordic region’s leading provider of data-driven video.

SEEN helps companies strengthen and create relationships with their customers by producing personalized videos. These are sent out via SMS, among other digital channels.

LINK is a global supplier of SMS messaging, providing innovative and value-add solutions to organizations worldwide. By combining LINK´s technology together with SEEN´s capabilities, customer demands across the Nordics can be fulfilled for delivering personalized videos via SMS. The digital shift has put personalization of customer communication at the forefront of global industries, across a wide variety of sectors. Now, more than ever, communication on the right channel at the right time is critical to an organization’s success. LINK´s partnership with SEEN seeks to strengthen this type of engagement across SMS, one of the most effective channels for customer communication.

“SEEN relies entirely on delivering a world-class customer journey time and time again. Here, a key factor is distribution via SMS. A long-term partnership with LINK Mobility makes it possible for us to help our customers maintain high opening rates and conversion. On a strategic level, LINK Mobility is responsible for our campaigns. Moreover, the direct integration into our systems makes it simple to deliver seamless service to our customers. Both globally and in the Nordic countries,” says Ronald Griffin, CTO of SEEN.

A recent example of this strong partnership was employing SMS to dispatch a DNB (The Norwegian Bank of Norway) Christmas campaign featuring Sølvguttene (“The Silver Boys”). Here, recipients of the message opened a personal Christmas greeting from the singing group. This was due to DNB cancelling their annual concert featuring the Sølvguttene due to COVID-19 restrictions at the time. The results were an open rate of 99%, and click rate of 47%, which is remarkably high. Additionally, customer feedback was also positive. Several customers to write to DNB about the emotional impact the message had on them. In short, the integration between SEEN and LINK Mobility transformed DNB’s campaign by utilizing powerful, personalized communications via video.

“SEEN is an exciting partner that offers important value-raised services on top of our own services. Together with SEEN, we offer quality in purchase or member experiences for our customers’ end customers with personalized videos. Whether it’s a greeting, demonstration or introductory video when purchasing an item or service. This type of content optimization is a game-changer not only for SEEN but also for those who have leveraged both of our services, such as DNB.” – Jan Tore Kjær, Sales & Marketing Director at LINK Mobility Norway.