Published on 2021-04-23

LINK Mobility x Everbridge

LINK Mobility and Everbridge join together to keep people safe, send important communications, and keep businesses running during critical events.

Recently, we announced a new agreement with Everbridge, an organization that provides a public warning platform to help public authorities communicate with people in times of crisis or need. They are an American software company focused on critical event management (CEM).

With over 5,600 customers, Everbridge covers all types of critical events, including pandemics, terrorism, severe weather, cyber attacks, and more. The platform is able to assess the level of threat, identify where people are located, begin actions to ameliorate the situation, track progress, and analyze the results for better future performance.

The company will be using our SMS platform to reliably send messages during times when secure and dependable communications are most necessary.

To read the official press release, visit here.

About Everbridge

Everbridge is a global organization with enterprise software applications used to automate and accelerate organizations’ operational response to critical events to keep people safe and businesses running.