Published on 2022-06-06

From WhatsApp to SMS to emails, the number of communication channels available to customers is ever-expanding. With the preferred communication channel varying massively depending on the age range and location, it’s time to ensure that you can market to your customers on the channels they use and make it simple for them should they choose to get in touch.

TMAC and Link Mobility join forces to make every conversation valuable across all your marketing channels.

“It’s fantastic to be partnering with a global heavyweight like Link Mobility.” says TMAC Co-Founder & CEO, Jimmy Hosang, “Together we’ll improve not just the number of channels that organisations can utilise, but also the quality of conversations that take place within them.”

Link Mobility have over 20 years of experience as a mobile solutions and Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) provider. In that time, they’ve helped over 40,000 clients across 17 different countries by improving customer conversations – something that has also always been at the heart of our work at TMAC.

  • Companies with omnichannel customer engagement strategies retain on average 89% of their customers (compared to 33% for companies with poor omnichannel strategies).

  • 51% of companies use at least eight different channels to interact with their customers.

  • 90% of consumers expect consistent interactions across multiple channels.

With this new partnership TMAC pairs the ultimate marketing platform with omnichannel insights to make sure that you’re equipped to convert your customers faster, maximise CLV, and keep them for longer by delivering an exceptional CX.

This will allow your contact centres to:

  • Provide consistent communication and Tone of Voice for customers across all channels.

  • Improve CX by speaking to your customers on the platforms that they want to be on.

  • Swiftly provide customers with the personalised answers they need and expect from modern organisations.

“We are thrilled to sign this partnership with TMAC” Says James O’Hare, Managing Director of LINK Mobility UK, “TMAC are leading the way in the technology in Conversation & Speech Analytics, Customer Journey Orchestration and Coaching & People Management solutions and we can see enormous potential on combining this technology with LINK Mobility’s leading CPaaS solutions.”

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