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Create chatbots that converse with your audience on their preferred channel. Utilise our in-house design experts or get access to our solution platform to build and deploy yourself.

With our Conversational Chatbot Platform, you'll be able to interact with your audience day and night through the power of effortless automation design. Simply design your user's flow online and deploy across your channel of choice. Our customers love the results seen from the chatbots they create, take a look at some of our use cases here!

"Our ConBot did an amazing job! The bot answered thousands of queries that would otherwise overwhelm our support team"

~ JZhureida Del Valle, Comicon PR

What makes us different?

Download-freeOur software is easily accessed and download-free.
Unrestricted AccessAccess all features our platform has to offer from day-one.
All Messaging ChannelsReach customers on their most popular channels eg. SMS & WhatsApp
LINK Tech SupportGet direct access to our dedicated, local UK tech support teams.
Design ServicesOpt for our in-house and qualified chatbot experts to build your chatbot for you.
Community AccessGet invited to exclusive industry events by LINK as part of our growing community of like-minded businesses.

Automate engagement with ease:

What's your channel?

WhatsApp for Business, Facebook Messenger, RCS, SMS, Telegram, Live Chat, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Discord, Voice, Alexa, Google Assistant, Customer Channels (i.e. App) & more!

Across sectors, industry leaders are employing conversational platforms to streamline and scale operations:

  • Healthcare - Patient check-ins, recruitment & appointment reminders

  • Finance - Customer service & authentication

  • Retail - Customer service & innovate two-way marketing campaigns

  • Human Resources - Recruitment screening & FAQ support

Getting started

Implementing a chatbot across any channel doesn't have to be a daunting process. Our team of experts have the experience and knowledge you'll require to get your chatbot up and running. Here are 3 things to consider:

1. Plan & design

Will you require our in-house design expertise or direct access to our solution platform?

Some customers have the right level of resources to allow them to build and maintain chatbots by themselves, however many others choose to utilise our in-house support to outsource a lot of the groundwork required with a chatbot.

Enquire now if you are unsure on what support level you may need!

2. Determine how and where users will access your chatbot

What channel is best suited to your target audience? Is there more than one?

With ready-made GDPR-compliant opt-in forms, you can easily collect customer data. Why not offer your customers QR codes to make contacting you particularly easy?

3. Test and improve

Will you require our support with maintaining your chatbot?

A chatbot will be your new best friend and just like any pet, they must be continuously be enhanced and adjusted to match user behaviours and business needs.

If this seems daunting, we have in-house designers that can support you here too!


Our platform utilises a powerful, built-in NLP engine that supports complex and multilingual expressions including entities and multiple levels of synonyms. Whether your customer types 'hey', 'hi' or 'hello' your bot will automatically register their intent and act accordingly.

Our platform also allows you to create your own intents and expressions, train your chatbot, check conversation results and refine the learning process to suit your brand's language and need accordingly.

Access the cutting-edge NLP functionality of Dialogflow and IBM Watson in your chatbots on any channel.


Xenioo provides a rich set of actions that easily integrates with external services such as MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, SendGrid, Zapier, and countless others.

Integrating your chatbots with CRM, ERP or any other backend system has never been so simple. With LINK you can integrate your chatbot with any system that can communicate through modern HTTP RESTful calls.

Got a further technical question?

Shopping Journeys

Encourage customers to make purchases through messages. Confirm receipt and share thanks following purchases too! Why not also follow-up with a personalised survey or product recommendation?

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Utilise in-chat surveys to improve your services or get feedback on products after purchase.

With 98% open-rates you're bound to see response rates rocket!

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Utilise your first-party customer data to better recommend products for specific customers. Promote products that other similar users value with chances of greater conversion rates

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Automated Support

Reduce contact centre resources by automating frequent requests. Why not also answer FAQ's or help direct customers to your website's content more efficiently.

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"Our ConBot did an amazing job! The bot answered thousands of queries that would otherwise overwhelm our support team"

~ JZhureida Del Valle, Comicon PR

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