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RCS: Foster Rich Connections with Rich Mobile Messaging

Inspire engagement with intuitive and engaging messages delivered right into your customer's typical SMS inbox. RCS is the next generation SMS.

Endless Possibilities

Elevate your communications with dynamic RCS capabilities for iPhone and Android devices.

Brand Visibility

Build trust with a visible and verified brand badge and name, logo and profile page with contact details.

Easy Engagement

Encourage recipients to engage with intuitive buttons and links. Automated responses also save your operations resources.

Native Messaging

RCS messages are delivered directly into a mobile phone's native messaging app - just where your SMS messages normally land.

Chats & Conversations

Utilise LINK's chatbot automation technology to automate two-way communications with customers.

How does RCS messaging work?

There are two different routes for you to start sending RCS with us. This will vary depending on your existing set-up.

1. Send via RCS API

Integrate your systems with our simple API connections and start sending with ease. Our technical team will be on hand to help get your gateway established and ready to go.

2. Send via LINK's Messaging Platform

Upload your contacts, write your message and send. Utilise our messaging platform to benefit from personalisation, segmentation and scheduling functionality.

Benefit from more

Add value to your messaging experience with tried and tested features and functionality.

Rich Media

Send: pictures, videos, clickable carousels, cards, tracked links and live chats offer a wide range of options in modern customer interactions.

Business Profile Page

Use integrated codes for ticketing, tracking, reservations or sending coupons. Why not send an 'add to wallet' option too!

Integrated QR Codes

Use integrated codes for ticketing, tracking, reservations or sending coupons. Why not send an 'add to wallet' option too!

Future-proof Comms

Use integrated codes for ticketing, tracking, reservations or sending coupons. Why not send an 'add to wallet' option too!

Need inspiration?

RCS improves the messaging experience for both brands and consumers alike. Contact our team to discuss possibilities specifically catered to your needs.

Use RCS for modern customer service

RCS provides you with real-time "live-chats" with your customer, enabling fast and effective communication. Intelligent auto-replies are also available and with the integration of multimedia content and links, RCS provides your customers with comprehensive support without the need to download apps.

GIF to show an example of an automated conversation of a customer claiming their delivery hasn't arrived and problem being resolved by a live chat agent

Bookings and ticketing

Send appointment cards & manage customer bookings. Share information pre and post-appointment to ensure customers are informed. Easily send, reminders, news, and personalised offers.

GIF to show RCS message communications about event ticket booking, ticket file sharing and confirmation messages

Increase loyalty program uptake

Enrol customers in loyalty programs and keep them engaged by sending personalised offers and discount coupons.

GIF shows shopping carousel conversation in RCS messages including questions and answers

Increase and attract more sales with RCS

Reactivate abandoned shopping carts and specifically promote products and campaigns based on individual shopping preferences. Thanks to in-app shopping, payment options and tracking functions, RCS is the perfect tool for retail.

GIF shows delivery notification text with suggestion of popular additional product and links to purchase

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