RCS: Rich Communication Services Delivered by Google

Rich and engaging interactions with your customers! Revolutionise your customer communication with RCS - the next generation of business messaging.

Why Choose RCS?

  • Integrate your existing system's API with LINK

  • Send a variety of multi-media formats to enhance engagement

  • No character limit

  • Send from an app experience - no downloads needed

  • Personalise your customer's experience

  • Two-way conversational messaging with the ability to provide real-time support

  • Capture insights and data to ensure campaigns are highly targeted and more effective

RCS Unpacked

With so many possibilities available through LINK's RCS solution, explore its key features to see how RCS can enhance your communications.


Send: pictures, videos, clickable carousels, cards, tracked links and live chats offer a wide range of options in modern customer interactions.

Brand Visibility

Your company name and logo creates a trusted environment for the customer.

Auto Reply

Predefined answer options and individual buttons enable intuitive user interaction. Auto replies also save resources in customer service.


RCS is delivered within the native messaging channel. The creation of a calendar entry, the sharing of the current whereabouts or the start of a phone call can be initiated with one click from the message.


Conversational commerce between your customer and pre-defined RCS flows allow for a connection directly to your online shop.


Use practical integrated codes for ticketing, tracking, reservations or sending coupons. Why not send an 'add to wallet' option too.

RCS Use Cases

RCS provides opportunities to improve the experience of both brands and consumers alike. Here are some ways in which RCS can be used by companies to increase engagement and grow their business.

Use RCS for modern customer service

RCS provides you with the ability to have real-time "live-chats" with your customer, enabling fast and effective communication. Intelligent auto-replies are available and with the integration of multimedia content and links, RCS provides your customers with comprehensive support without the need to download apps.

GIF to show an example of an automated conversation of a customer claiming their delivery hasn't arrived and problem being resolved by a live chat agent

RCS for bookings and ticketing

Send appointment cards & manage customer bookings. Brands can share information pre-appointment and post-appointment to ensure customers are informed. Reminders, news, and personalized offers can be sent to customers seamlessly.

Increasing Loyalty Program uptake with RCS

Communicate on the channel of choice for your customers. Enrol customers in loyalty programs and keep them engaged by sending personalised offers and discount coupons.

Increase your sales with RCS

Reactivate abandoned shopping carts and specifically promote products and campaigns based on individual shopping preferences. Thanks to in-app shopping, payment options and tracking functions, RCS is the perfect tool for retail.

RCS combines the best of all messaging worlds

RCS combines the usability of SMS with a rich branded experience, providing an intuitive and engaging conversational experience. RCS works on Android smartphones within the native SMS application, without needing to install another app. Individual, multimedia content and even interactive purchase journeys can be easily integrated, offering brands the possibility of creating a communication channel that unites all messaging worlds. Together with the mobile network operators, we are driving this groundbreaking technology forward and making it easy for our customers to create memorable brand experiences.

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