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Catch Attention with SMS Messaging

Don’t let your messages be missed. Talk directly into the hands of your customers with bulk, scheduled, and personalised SMS.

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How does SMS messaging work?

There are two easy ways for you to start sending SMS with us. This will vary depending on your existing set-up.

1. Send via SMS API

Integrate your systems with our simple API connections and start sending with ease. Our technical team will be on hand to help get your gateway established and ready to go.

2. Send via LINK's SMS Platform

Upload your contacts, write your message and send. Utilise our messaging platform to benefit from personalisation, segmentation and scheduling functionality.

Be seen in minutes not monthsWith open rates above 90%, SMS pushes for higher read and engagement rates.
Add a personal touchLean on your existing data by personalising your messages with names, delivery details and much more.
Cut through the noiseCut through the noise In a digital world with so many touchpoints, SMS’s shortform nature allows you to be seen and heard in style.

How will you use SMS?

Look at just some of the great ways businesses use our SMS capabilities to reach their audience.

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What makes LINK different?

Industry LeadersEurope's leading provider of SMS.
UK Tech SupportGet technical support directly from our UK based experts.
Account ManagementReceive account management and consultative support as standard.
Access to all LINK SolutionsGet access to a wealth of additional channels (and our chatbot platform) without needing to switch provider.
Community AccessGet invited to exclusive industry events by LINK as part of our growing community of like-minded businesses.

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