SMS Messaging

Send and receive SMS text messages on a global scale using our enterprise platform. SMS provides global coverage independent of handset or app downloads.

SMS messaging services with global reach

98%Unparalleled open rates messages
ConnectNo app download or data connectivity needed
> 30%Click-through rate on SMS messages
Low latencyFast delivery for critical messaging

Send & Receive SMS Messages Globally

With an average opening rate of 98%, SMS is a fast and efficient way to reach your customers all over the world. SMS is native to mobile phones, meaning that you do not need an internet connection or a downloadable app. SMS text messages are an immediate form of communication and can be used as a way to improve engagement, security and customer satisfaction. SMS supports many use-cases and is perfect for critical alerts, one-time-passcodes, notifications, marketing campaigns, customer support, employee engagement, or getting feedback. Both outbound SMS messaging and inbound messaging are supported to allow you to have a dialogue.

Marketing Communications

  • Special offers and promotions with the ability to send mobile coupons

  • Loyalty program updates and services

  • Competition launches

  • New Product launches and surveys

Customer Care

  • After-sales support and assistance

  • NPS surveys

  • Personalised communications based on customer needs

  • Sending information and documentation


  • Critical alerting

  • Two-factor authentication, one-time passcodes and verification services

  • Appointment reminders

  • Parcel delivery notifications

How to get started with SMS

There are various ways in which you can get the most out of sending SMS messages. You can start sending SMS quickly, using our easy-to-integrate SMS API, with your in-house applications or CRM systems. LINK has numerous connectors available and works with a wide range of Partners.

Data insights are available to help you maximise the impact and ROI of your campaigns. Our dedicated local teams will assist you from day one to get the right setup specific to your requirements, with continued support provided as standard.


Using LINK's APIs, you can integrate SMS text messaging directly into your existing systems and applications. Send and receive SMS quickly and reliably, with additional features and functionality available. Generate reports and get more insights into your campaigns.

Xenioo Conversational Platform

Omnichannel Engagement

Our Xenioo conversational platform solution is available for smart customer communications. Chatbots simplify communication with your customers and reduce the effort involved in handling many standard questions. LINK's Xenioo solution can automatically react to customer-initiated messaging providing answers in real-time.

Online portals

Using LINK's web portals, you can send and receive SMS instantly using a secure and dedicated online web portal. Easily manage contacts and distribution lists. Build landing pages and promotional coupons.

Overview of SMS areas of application

Coupons and Offers

75% would like to receive a text message with special offers.

SMS is perfect for sending personalised offers to your target audience. It is proven to increase the satisfaction and loyalty of your customers.

Timely Notifications

69% would like reminders of their appointments.

Send individual notifications and reminders of opening times, appointments, parcel deliveries and order confirmations.

Channel of Choice

53% prefer SMS for important messages vs. email with 34%.

SMS has global reach and scale for mass communication when you need to convey urgent and critical information.

How to get started with SMS

We are local! We have local market knowledge with our expert teams on a global scale. Our teams will ensure you have the right omnichannel strategy for your organisation.