Google Verified SMS

Verified Google SMS adds sender verification and branding to business SMS messages, making these messages safer and more trustworthy. Users can then see the sender’s business logo and name, and a verification badge.

Engage customers with trusted, branded messages

Send trustworthy messages
Prevent scams & phising
Build user trust with customers
Increase engagement & open rates

Google Verified SMS for business messaging

Brands using Google verified SMS can benefit from building stronger trust and security with their customers. Eliminating the doubt that a message is a spam message or phishing for data, customers will more likely engage with your messaging. This encourages more conversions, as customers are safe in the knowledge that messages have been pre-approved and verified.

The way Google Verified SMS works

It can be difficult to trust the identity of a business sending you Google SMS messages. Some messages may be misleading and pretend to be from businesses you trust. These messages may ask for private information or link to dangerous websites – this is called "phishing."

  • When Verified SMS is on and you receive a message from a business registered with Google, Google translates the message that you receive into an unreadable authenticity code, all on your device. Then, Google compares this code with unreadable authenticity codes sent to Google by the business. If these codes match, Google confirms that the message content was sent by the business, and Messages shows you information about the business, such as the business’s logo with a ‘verified’ icon.

  • Google uses your device’s phone number to create authenticity codes. Google does not see your messages, including when authenticity codes are sent to Google directly.

Google Verified SMS at a glance

Easy Integration

Google Verified SMS is a feature on top of standard A2P SMS messaging, providing a seamless integration.

Create Trust

Enhance trust from your customers, increase open rates or give detailed preview links of your URLs.

Native SMS

Google Verified SMS is available on Android devices, within the native messaging app.

Branded Assets

Employing branded assets within your messaging creates trust on the customer side.


Provide customers with assurances on the origination of the message.

Increase CTR

Open rates and click rates are provided, so you can determine the success of your campaigns.

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