App-freeSMS & RCS dispatch is independent of messenger apps - every message arrives.
Web independentNo internet connection required. Deliverable even with a minimal GSM signal.
Quick and easyNo software required - just register on the web and send a mobile message: online, via email or the API.
Max OpenRatesAll messenger messages are read within a few seconds. Open rates of up to 98%.

Our forms can be placed anywhere on your website and can be used for multiple mailing lists.

A keyword is sent in via SMS to register. This solution is ideal for print products and works independently of the Internet.

Interested parties scan a QR code to register. This solution is ideal for information brochures or flyers and is particularly quick.

Crisis communication affects us all.

  • Updates to the population

  • Road closures

  • New infections in the area

  • school closings

  • Test stations

  • Patients are informed about appointments and test results

  • Updates to relatives

  • Employee coordination (duty rosters)

  • Press updates (illnesses / barriers etc.)

  • Crisis measures in the company

  • Organizational updates

  • Information on duty rosters

  • Announcement of virtual meetings

  • Reliable communication of security precautions

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