Most businesses have the need for fast and effective communication, whether they need to communicate with customers, employees or the public in general. LINK Mobility provides mobile solutions that suit almost all kinds of industries. We also provide the possibility to integrate mobile communication into existing business applications and systems in order to communicate more targeted and efficiently.

Mobile payments solutions are also smart and easy ways to charge customers for goods and services. They cover many different needs within many different industries. Sales channels that can be used from any location are in general very effective.

How we can help you

LINK Transport

Our customers in the transport industry use a variety of mobile solutions every day. Mobile services like apps and SMS solutions help a wide range of businesses in the transporting industry to have a more efficient workflow. LINK mobility provides a wide range of solutions to this industry:

retail LINK Mobility

LINK is a specialist at mobile solutions for the retail industry. Every brand needs to have a strategy for how to reach its customers mobile phones. LINK can help your business reach customers and to run engaging and exciting campaigns. Make your customers feel special by offering the best new deals directly to their mobile... Read more »

Real estate LINK Mobility

For our customers in the real estate business we can provide a wide range of mobile solutions that helps interaction with your customers. Present your sales objects in a mobile interface in order for your customers to be notified of new prospects even if they are on the run. Take advantage of the fastest and most effective form of communication,... Read more »

LINK Public Organizations

For some departments within the public sector, it can be critical to have solutions and alerts systems that can alert the public about dangerous situations. LINK provides solutions that make it possible to send out alerts and messages to a geographic range of receivers. This is highly beneficial to warn about for instants terror, but... Read more »

LINK Non profit organizations

We are really proud that our solutions for member recruitment and mobile donations make it easier for humanitarian organizations and other non-profit organizations to establish urgent help. LINK mobility serves a wide range of non-profit organizations with effective solutions that contribute to reach people in additional channels like the mobile phone.  Our solutions make it... Read more »


Mobile solutions have become an important part of today’s media.  LINK Mobility serve a huge number of media houses, both television and newspapers, with effective and popular solutions that allows immediate interaction with their audience and readers. The use of mobile interaction creates engagement and excitement to shows and cases and helps build enthusiasm for media... Read more »

Insurance LINK Mobility

Effective client communication calls for mobile technology. LINK delivers solutions for  mobile communications that are used with a wide range of insurance systems. Be sure to provide your customers with the most effective form of communication . Give your prospects an easy way to sign on for more information and insurance offers by using our mobile solutions to... Read more »

LINK Health care

SMS messaging boosted the efficiency within the Norwegian health service. Mobile services integrated into software for managing personnel resources has proven to be extremely effective. The fastest way for an employer to get a shift schedule confirmation from their employees is by SMS. Medical offices that have started using mobile services, like SMS reminders to... Read more »


Instant communication with your energy customers The Energy sector houses a number of different LINK Mobility clients. It ranges from big Petroleum companies to customer clubs and local suppliers of electricity using our services. Such as their needs change due to perspectives, LINK Mobility can still be a useful supplier of services. Whether you are in... Read more »

LINK Travel

LINK Mobility has many customers in the travel industry who impose special demands in respect of competence, such as cost control for roaming and number management. In the travel industry, the demands concerning time are especially important. Mobile communication also becomes important when you are working with rapidly changing circumstances.

LINK Banking

Bank customers appreciate the efficiency mobile solutions offers. Make it easy for your customers to log-on to their online bank account by using verification codes sent to their mobile phones and also to provide services that make your customers visit to your bank easy, no matter where they are. LINK deliver services to several banks... Read more »

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