LINK Engage

Engage with your customers using our web-based mobile communication tool

LINK Engage gives you full control of your mobile communication. It was developed specifically for companies and organizations that wished to communicate directly with their customers and contacts in the fastest and most responsive method possible.


Flexible and easy


LINK Engage is a web-based tool for mobile communication, developed for companies and organizations that wish to use mobile communication link-engage-vifteapp in their marketing and dialog with their customers and contacts. 

The LINK Engage toolkit provides a wide number of features that come in handy for most businesses that needs to communicate with their customers, both for marketing purposes and general information issues.

LINK Engage is brilliant if you need to start a customer club/loyalty program for your business. Your customers can easily sign up for services they like to retrieve more information about and you can engage your customers to participate in a mobile dialogue such as a quiz or other forms of competitions. For companies who need to inform their contacts, the LINK Engage provides the possibility to keep an always updated address-list, where contacts can be arranged into a various number of groups, based on their need for information.

Standard Features

  • Unlimited number of contacts and groups
  • Send simultaneous messages to contacts and groups
  • Organize messages in files
  • Send long messages (800 digits)
  • Import contacts from excel
  • Export messages and contacts to excel or CSV files
  • Keyword for receiving SMS messages
  • Free sender ID
  • Forwarding of received messages
  • SMS alerts sign on/off service
  • SMS- votes
  • Autoreply services
  • Name and address lookup
  • Send messages to entire groups


Additional features

  • Quiz functionality
  • Coupon Customer Club


  •  Advantage module for media/newspapers
  • Syncopy – address list synchronization
  • LINK Engage API


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