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LINK Feedback

Increase the service level for your business


LINK Feedback is a complete solution for companies and organizations that
wish to measure how satisfied their customers are with their deliveries or services. 
The system consist of a web-based solution that allows you to set up your questions and also provide reports for the use of LINK Feedback. 
The solution also provide an API that can be used to start a survey.
LINK Feedback is perfect for businesses that runs call-centers or customer support center that ansvers inquiries and provide customer support.  LINK Feedback intergrated into the corporates telephony solution, allows the customer consultant to send out a survey immediatly after the call, just by pressing a button.
LINK Feedback also grants the opportunity to let the customers answer the surveys in clear text, that provides more accurate feedbacks.




Features in  LINK Feedback

  • API for integration with like phone systems or CRM systems.
  • Simple interface for establishing surveys
  • Possibility for feedback in clear text, and reports presented in Excel.
  • History on e-mail, history api, or by manual retrieval from the web app
  • Net promoter Score can be delivered as extension


LINK Feedback is perfect for

  • Support Center
  • Customer Club
  • Sales offices
  • Arrangement voting
  • Service centers
  • Measuring of campaigns