LINK Intouch – lookup

Provides access to an extensive people database for the Nordic countries



LINK Intouch Lookup API simplifies and improve your services and systems in an efficient manner.
How would you like to have the most complete lookup service integrated into the company’s customer database ? 

The data in your customer system can help streamline your company through more efficient workflow, less risk and better overview. Whether you work in finance, marketing or sales, we are able to provide interesting information and give you an overview. Complete your data systems with our lookup API.

Make efficient searches

A system is no better than its content. Updated data in your system is crucial to help you benefit from the information. Intouch Lookup API can be integrated into your  systems and improve the quality of data whether you work with consumers or are in the business to business market. The system is made easy for you to use, search by name or phone number and the relevant information will automatically be filled out for you.  It is effective and in addition it gives correct data every time .

Provide better service with updated contact data

In addition to address and name inquiries we can also provide several other APIs that can be integrated to your accounting systems, provide legal information, roles, announcements and board memberships. You don’t have to worry about if the data are correct – it is updated continuously. With an always updated  customer database it will be easier to provide a better service and focus on additional business.

Benefits of LINK Intouch Lookup

  • Improved workflow efficiency and access to relevant and reliable information
  • Complete and updated customer database with less risk of corrupt data
  • Better control of customer and supplier database
  • More effective contact registration and fewer mistakes
  • Increased loyalty and use of your chosen business system


  • Better decision making processes,  based on more correct information
  • Contains the most correct data listings in Norway , Sweden and Denmark within the same API
  • Use the same functionality in all areas of your system  where you handle customer data .
  • Get customer data from the same database, regardless of  departements
  • Get in-depth information by adopting more LINK Intouch APIs

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