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LINK Leads responsive pages


LINK Leads is a standalone product and a perfect solution for companies that would like to capture customer information. LINK Leads consists of responsive landing pages hosted by LINK Mobility – no need to involve the IT department. Built to make it as easy as possible to enter contact information in order to receive more information on a product, or to become a member of a customer club.

Our lookup technology retrieves contact information and prefills the forms making it easy and fast to fill out.

LINK Leads is also available through APIs.


The process


LINK Leads Features

Included in all campaigns

  • Short number and code word
  • Responsive landing pages
  • Lookup service
  • SMS feedback
  • Delivery Report

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LINK Leads is a  perfect solution for the following:

  • Lead generation
  • Customer clubs
  • Sending out more information, such as catalogues 
  • Easy sign-ups for associations and student organizations
  • Scheduling
  • Conferences
  • Campaigns
  • Launch and releases
Link Leads Customer Club

LINK Leads for customer club

LINK Leads makes it easy for your end users to join your customer club. LINK Engage continues the conversation as you schedule SMS messages to announce sales, events and exclusive promotions.

LINK Leads for scheduling

Make it easy to schedule a test drive with instant SMS alerts to both your main center as well as your sales staff at the nearest location of your customer.

LINK Leads for easy sign ups

Add fields to catch more information and easily receive all the leads into your favorite CRM system.


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