Application that increases sales and creates loyalty and engagement

LINK_Fenix_1LINK Loyalty is a platfom that  enables businesses to increase their sales and  achieve more loyal customers. LINK Loyalty is primarly used in the mobile phone, but also available through desktop and tablets. 

Use LINK Loyalty to reward your most loyal customers by providing attractive coupons directly to their mobile phone, and allow the customers to take advantage of your offers in realtime.   Choose whether your loyalty offer should remain for a certain amount of time or if your rather want to provide an offer to  limited number of customers. The effect of your campaing can be easily measured, and help you pin-point your next marketing programs .

The platform provides effective marketing, and you can run several different campains within the same application or mobile web page.

LINK Loyalty are also well suited to start or maintain a customer club, and the platform also provides an easy way to collect customers phone-numbers and/or e-mail adress. 

The application are easy to administrate through an administration interface that also contains real-time statistics .

Features in app and mobile web

  • Mobile web – with home-screen functionality
  • coupons
  • communication module
  • Offers
  • Enlist functionality
  • Sample phone numbers/e-mail adress
  • Send SMS and push notifications in app

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