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Helps you develop your mobile communication through smart handling and targeted use of data

Behind every consumer is an individual – and behind every individual is a customer. We as consumers all leave extensive and revealing digital footprints behind, and for someone to get to know us better, it all comes down to data and data intelligence.

We in LINK Mobility believe that collecting and applying data systematically is the key driver of digital value and convergence between today’s companies and customers. We believe that the future belongs to those who manages to use data in an intelligent and smart way – always keeping you one step ahead of your competition.

In line with today’s digital evolution, our LINK Mobility Intelligence platform can help you with changing raw data into information, turning information into knowledge, and converting consumers into customers. It empowers you to operate your business based on valuable insights and data-driven decisions.

Within the complex, hard and costly struggle for consumers and customers, we basically help you with reaching the right people with the right messages at the right time – all the time.


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We can help you:

• Target relevant audiences

• Personalize communication

• Plan and adapt campaigns

• Control and evaluate activities

• Reduce costs and response time

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Data is sensitive:

We in LINK Mobility respect and uphold data privacy and data security. We handle data with legislative care.


Our Intelligence platform is developed in compliance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Unique Mobile Classification Model

LINK Mobility offers a unique approach to data and provides deep insights into consumer and customer profile data, real-time data, location, behaviour, purchase history, needs and preferences, empowering you with consistent cross-channel communications and effective marketing activities – helping you win over, retain and grow customers.

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Today, LINK handles more than 6,3 billion messages a year. Messages carrying invoices, payments, special offers, coupons, customer loyalty programs and other information like package deliveries, flight schedules, banking services etc.

These valuable mobile data are incorporated in our Intelligence platform and our unique Mobile Classification Model. With this model we can provide you with in-depth insights, data-crossing analysis, profiling and segmentation. We can offer you a variety of services and solutions based on the collection and use of behavioural, transactional and location-based data merged with strong predictive models and machine learning.

Our Mobile Classification Model is also integrated with a standardized, proven and recognized classification system: Mosaic™.

Mosaic™ is Europe’s most comprehensive consumer classification model, a very strong instrument built for consistent cross-channel marketing activities in today’s multi-channel and hyper-connected world. Based on Mosaic™ we can enrich messaging data, event data and specific customer data within the Nordic countries (Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland).

Using analytical methods and new data we offer you deep and valid insights into consumer lifestyles, behaviours and needs – helping you making the right decisions within the complex operations of communication and marketing. We simply offer you accurate and consistent customer targeting with endless business potential.

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Monitor customer activities and campaigns.

You can combine multiple views (widgets) into a single clear dashboard with just a drag-and-drop. In our different dashboards you can use cross European messaging data, event data and your own customer data.

By adding profile data based on Mosaic and other geo-demographic data, our platform can help you with faster and better data-driven decisions – also providing easy and effective tracking of KPIs.

Within Reporting we provide you with:

• A clear overall picture of customer portfolio
• Real-time monitoring of campaign performance
• Status and changes in segment models
• Valuable insight from messaging data


Reach customers targeted and effectively.

You can use strong insights to improve your business. Our platform can provide you with the necessary pre-understanding of your customer portfolio, and the right tools to analyse and predict situations and behaviour – ensuring that your campaign performances are always optimized.

We process messaging data enriched with external data. We use machine learning and Artificial Intelligence principles to extract valuable insight for communication and marketing decisions and activities.

Within Analytics we provide you with:

• Mapping and developing of customers
• Predictive analysis to foresee customer behaviour
• Relevant content to the right people


Pursue customer preferences and opportunities.

You can work with enriched information and insights, including activation and engagement levels, purchase behaviours and other relevant customer related data. Combining Mosaic with messaging and event data, we offer you a pin-sharp real-time picture of your customers and business potential.

Our platform segments consumers in line with valid characteristics and behaviours in order for you to communicate with them about the right things at the right time in the right channels.

Within Profiling we provide you with:

• Profiling of customer database
• Mapping and developing of Ideal Customer Profile
• Strong algorithm-design
• Effective collection and usage of insights


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