The flexible payment solution

Use LINK mPay to enhance payment flexibility in your systems. Let the users pay by credit card or mobile payment in a responsive user interface, quick and easy! For card payments, mPay is integrated towards several of the largest payment service providers (PSP) in the Nordics, ensuring PCI/DSS security levels.

mPay uses LINK Mobility’s own lookup services to simplify the user experience. Based on the end users mobile phone number, we automatically fill out input fields. Fewer clicks increases conversion rates!

LINK mPay is also available through APIs, so that you can send payment requests by SMS directly to your users. Our solutions provide real time updates to your system as soon as the payment is completed!




  • Supports several payment options as mobile payment and card payments
  • Available as API service
  • Supports recurring payments
  • Could be setup with Twitter and Facebook sharing

Areas of use

  • Charge for membership fees, one time or recurring
  • Donations
  • Charge for goods and services
  • Ticket sales
  • Send invoices using LINK mPay API integrations

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