LINK mShop

LINK mShop is a convenient one page shop that is optimized for sales campaigns with less than ten different products. The user experience is optimized to use as few clicks as possible from view toWEB_SHOP2 purchased, and we support both mobile payment as well as credit cards in our checkout options. 

We use our name and address lookup services to autofill as much as possible for the end user so that he or she does not need to use time on entering his/hers name or address. The end user basically only needs a smartphone to be able to use the shop and checkout!

LINK mShop could also be integrated into your existing ERP system, please contact us to know more about this. 

If you don’t have a mobile optimized webshop today, LINK mShop is a perfect first step in the mobilizing of your business!




  • Mobile optimized view
  • “In Stock” calculations with warning when threshold is reached
  • Supports both mobile (SMS) and credit card payments
  • Optimized for 1-10 different products 
  • An easy to use template that will be adapted to your company’s graphical profile
  • Supports three level of product variants, with pictures per variant

Try LINK mShop if you would like to 

  • Perform a non-complicated test of mobile webshops
  • Push out campaign products
  • Run a mobile shop with a specific branded interface
  • Combine an easy purchase experience with digital or physical marketing


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