Increase engagement for charity

 When disasters strike, like earthquakes, tsunamis, famine or people fleeing from war zones, there is an urgent need for help.

LINK Mobility is proud to deliver solutions that contribute to the work of charities and the reach of people in need fast.

Charity organizations run on fundraising and a variety of situational based mobile payment methods can  help them improve return-on-investment for fundraising activities.

LINK Mobility provides several different payment methods, and we serve a huge amount of charity organizations.

We have assisted multiple charity organizations with their campaigns,  whether it has been huge television
fundraising shows or providing efficient solutions for cashless donations on the street.


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SMS save lives When tragedies and catastrophes occur, like the terrible earthquake in Nepal in April 2015, urgent help is crucial. The Norwegian Red Cross mobilized emergency help and as a part of the campaign they started a fund raising using SMS, to establish more help for Nepal. During just a couple of hours, Red Cross sent out... Read more »