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Real time votes for national television or radio shows require special expertise and knowledge, to make sure that the votes are collected and handled correctly.

LINK mobility hasbeen providing services for live votes for several years and holds massive experience in both SMS, IVR and app voting. Our solutions are scaled to handle a large volume of messages and we are confident that our voting services is one of the solutions that make us unique on the mobile market today. 

LINK Mobility delivers high-volume SMS voting services for the Eurovision Song Contest, Idrettsgallaen, Stjernekamp, MGP Jr and Big Brother. The platform handles more than 1,5 million  SMS messages per second and is specially designed for handling large volumes. LINK Mobility also handles data on the voters, such as gender, age and where in the country the votes come from.

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Mobile solutions - like solutions for voting in shows and song contests, makes it possible for the viewers to take part in the shows.

The population of Bergen was invited to vote via SMS to enagage and reach more readers.

"Sørlandske sommernetter" let the audience vote for participants via SMS voting and they have been using LINK Mobility's service for 8 years in all.

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