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Getting back to business and notifying your customers through SMS

Are you one of the companies reopening in the next few weeks? Staying in touch and keeping a communication flow with previous, existing and potential customers is more important than ever. You are also depending on your customers to take all precautions and be aware of how to stay safe and healthy for their own, yours and other customers´ sakes.

Why use SMS as communication channel?

Are you already familiar with SMS as a communication channel? Scroll down to see examples of how different industries are send SMS when communicating and reopening.

When reopening there is a lot of information, guidelines, and precautions both for the businesses and consumers. We are depending on each other to stay healthy and secure and to follow the same rules. To make sure your customers are aware of the guidelines in your shop or for your service, you need to stay in touch and make sure they receive the information you send out. SMS is a preferred communication channel for many consumers. SMS has a 209% higher response rate than email or phone, which not only means that you have a higher chance of reaching them but also getting response if you need to. Ninety four percent always have their phone with them and as SMS has an average opening rate of 98%, it ensures that they receive the information. On average SMS are read within 3 minutes. If you need to make an urgent change to the appointment this means you will be able to reach your customers within short time.

How can you use SMS when going back to business?

There are many things to consider both from a business perspective and a customer perspective when reopening. Consumers need to feel safe, informed and guided. Below you can see examples of how businesses are using SMS when reopening or preparing to reopen in their market.

1. Notifications

With SMS you can send notifications with regards to new opening hours, hygiene measures or general guidelines for entering your store. Are you forced to change the way of business? Or are you not allowed to reopen for customers? Change your strategy to click and collect and use SMS to inform about delivery time, opening hours and health precautions when collecting their package.

2. Collect information

Ask for responses or collect information about your customers before you open. Will they visit your store, or do they prefer other shopping methods? Or are you curious about how they experienced your reopening, if they felt safe and if they had enough guidelines? Use SMS to collect data about your customers to improve to create increased customer satisfaction and retention.

3. Reward customers

Use coupons sent by SMS to attract new and existing customers when you are reopening. You can send an offer as a customized coupon and combine it with sending important information regarding your reopening. You can also combine collecting information about your customers and rewarding them with a coupon to increase numbers of visitors in store. Remember to inform them about health and security information before you invite them back to your business.

4. Start a dialogue

Are you not able to fully reopen yet but still want to stay in touch with your customers? Start a dialogue! You can give them alternatives they can respond to for you to collect information for when you will reopen. The dialogue can be regarding what the customers miss the most, what services they want, if they wish home delivery of products or want to try click and collect. You can also ask them how they are handling the crisis: are they affected in any way and if there is any way you can help give them alternatives.

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5. Send urgent information

Were you planning to reopen but it is postponed? Send urgent information by SMS. It can be about opening hours, guidelines of precautions or hygiene factors. With SMS you have a 98% chance that it will be opened and read within 3 minutes, which is why the communication channel is optimal for critical and urgent information.

How SMS have been used by companies going back to business.

1. Personal Care Services

WILLIAMS Marketing GMbH is helping one of their clients, a hairdresser, to communicate their reopening. They are sending SMS to coordinate walk-in customers to maintain distance and other security measures.

If you are working within personal care services use SMS to inform about:

  • Health and hygiene guidelines

  • Number of visitors allowed in store

  • Guidelines for drop-in customers

2. Retailers

As retailers are now reopening in many different markets, they also need to communicate this to customers. To attract customers, they use SMS to provide discounts or coupons. In France, the men’s clothing shop Jules has sent rich SMS with discounts to be used in store.

If you are a retailer reopening use SMS to inform about:

  • Opening hours

  • Reopening

  • Contactless payment

  • Health measurements

  • In-store guidelines

  • Home delivery opportunities

  • Coupons

  • Click and collect opportunities

3. Government and health sector

LINK Mobility Norway are currently working with several parts of the Norwegian Government such as the Norwegian Institute of Public Health and Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergency. In addition, small towns and municipalities are using SMS to alert citizens.

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Please remember to still follow the WHO guidelines: