James O'Hare2022-07-28

LINK Partner Community Spotlight

Partnerships are crucial to the growth of any business. A partnership manifests itself in various forms: collaboration on projects, sharing of technical knowledge and ideas between companies. At LINK, our partnership program creates value for both parties. This blog explores the perks and details of our Partner Community.

How we work with our partners

LINK has worked with partners for many years. We have formalised partnerships in our partner program, LINK Partner Community, to create closer ties and maximise the value for our partners across different industries and countries.

5 benefits of a strategic partnership

1. Access to knowledge

Businesses need a wealth of knowledge, and that knowledge comes in abundance with strategic partnership agreements. This allows you to grow and learn from someone else's perspective. All knowledge will be used to further build your brand, your company's value, and future growth.

2. Competitive advantage

Partnerships increase your knowledge, expertise and available resources to offer a better product and reach a wider customer base. Combined with feedback, cases and success stories can give a company a valuable competitive advantage.

3. Improves company credibility and image

The right partnership will strengthen your company's image. When companies that share the same goals and visions merge, the influence and strength of each organisation can grow dramatically. More value and a stronger business foundation provide better products and deliver higher quality in services ne customers get, which increases the overall brand value.

4. Increases customer base

Through a functional and strategic partnership, your company will grow its customer base. There are many ways in which this can be achieved. It can be through a direct agreement you have with a company that offers products that are complementary to your own.

5. Long-term stability

Partnering up means that your company no longer operates in isolation. You get access to more knowledge, innovation, expertise and resources. A good partnership makes you better, lifts your weaknesses, and improves your strengths. This is all you need to be relevant in the market, while helping your business achieve key goals.

A closer look at LINK’s Partnership Program

Partner Categorisation

  1. Integration partners: For IT and consulting companies that add value by connecting applications and designing customer journeys. They implement, maintain and support software or digital business applications by providing a No Code State of the Art CPaaS solution through LINK Mobility.

  2. Technology partners: By collaborating with LINK, software companies can create a communications ecosystem for the benefit of customers.

  3. MNOs: Our CPaaS solutions enable operators or mobile network operators to support their B2B and B2C customers using the channels they prefer.

  4. Connectors: These are global business applications such as CRM or marketing automation tools that help companies communicate with customers through multiple channels.

Partner Levels


Each partner starts as a Certified partner. This includes a shared press release announcing the partnership. On our partner website, you will see your logo and link to your website. You will be assigned a dedicated partner manager with priority support in addition to a discount on the LINK SLA (Service Level Agreement).


Gold Partners have the same benefits as the Certified level plus more. When you become a Gold partner, you get your company description listed on our partner website, a fully dedicated partner team, additional discounts on our LINK SLA and a specific Microsoft Team channel for direct communication between your company and LINK.

For sales and marketing, you also receive training at your location for your employees, support in customer meetings, introductions to new leads, customised marketing material, shared PR and blog posts about success stories and co-hosted events such as webinars, morning seminars, events and more.

To enhance innovation, your business will have access to customised teaching materials for sales, support, and delivery.


Platinum Partners get all the above benefits from Certified and Gold levels in addition to major added value. One extra bonus is Platinum partners are featured on our website, with an entire page devoted to your business. Most notably, you receive a 50% discount on our LINK SLA and access to new channels and services before other customers.

Benefit from the LINK Partner Community

Ultimately, when you partner with LINK you get support for sales and marketing activities, as well as access to innovation and technical roadmaps. We help you make your business stronger for your end customers and allow you to focus on your core business activities.

If the LINK Partner Community sounds like a good fit, then reach out to us today!