Published on 2021-11-03

Q3 Interim Report 2021

LINK Mobility (LINK) today reports strong revenue growth of 37% to NOK 1,112 million in the third quarter of 2021 including acquired entities. LINK has also solidified its presence in the CPaaS space while maintaining its position as a leading provider within mobile communications.

There has been a higher demand for CPaaS solutions as LINK’s offering opens possibilities for greater customer engagement. These demands are being met through LINK’s go-to-market (GTM) strategy, which includes the roll-out of self-sign-up (SSU) platforms and a growing global partner network.

LINK’s recent acquisition of Message Broadcast in the US is the start of acquisitions outside Europe and a beachhead for further M&A activities in the US.

LINK was also ranked an established leader in Juniper Research’s new CPaaS Competitor Leaderboard in the quarter. The leaderboard clearly highlights LINK’s leading position in the industry.

“We are very pleased to report strong growth and higher margins in the quarter, reflecting accretive acquisitions and our expansion to the US. Improved activity in most markets and the new foothold in the US support both organic growth and provide further M&A opportunities.” – Guillaume Van Gaver, CEO of LINK

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