Optimizationthe resource allocation
Automationof standard enquiries
Availability24 hours, 7 days a week
Engagement2-way conversations
  • Engaging with your customers in the right channel and context creates new business opportunities. Providing the right content and offerings at the right time expands sales, up sales, cross-sales and re-sales, increasing conversion rates.

  • Connect seamlessly to multiple communication channels. It works across relevant mobile devices (Android and iOS) and is independent of mobile operator standards (e.g. RCS). Always ensuring a 100% hit rate with our fallback solution.

  • Fully GDPR compliant

Engage with your audiences right where they are. Communicate with your customers and new leads across all relevant mobile devices (Android and iOS) and independently of mobile operator standards.

LINK Conversations is based on an easy-to-use and easy-to-integrate API. It is future-proofed by adding new channels seamlessly without changing the interface.

It is integrated towards LINK Flow; a drag and drop flow builder. In just a few minutes, full-fledged conversational messaging flows can be created and sent out.

Start campaigns directly from your CRM including the ability to read out the answers.

  • Automated customer support

  • Reservations and booking confirmations

  • Coupons and individual offers

  • Surveys and interviews

  • Appointments and reminders

  • Votings and feedback

The future is becoming more and more complex for enterprises as new channels are added to the communication mix. Through one easy API and interface, you can reach billions of customers.

Create your completely automated chat flow with just a few clicks.

Simply upload a list of cell phone numbers in a CSV file and you can start the campaign.

Download insights from your campaign and analyze the engagement stats and user responses in an easy format.

LINK Mobility - table reservations and automated customer support can be easily mapped with a chatbot

Users can reply with free text. The chatot evaluates the answer and can react accordingly.

LINK Mobility - for customer surveys, you can easily create chatbots with LINK Flow

Text buttons with ready-made answers ensure user-friendliness and help standardize processes.

LINK Mobility - A chatbot is the ideal solution as a reminder function for workshop appointments

Defined actions with a click: Call, open URL, enter appointment in calendar, show address on map, share location.

LINK Mobility - media data can be integrated for optimal communication

Media files can be sent to the user, which simplifies and enriches communication.

LINK Mobility - Create a simple chatbot for eCommerce with LINK Flow

Images, text and actions can be combined in a rich card, e.g. to present products in a chat.

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