Financial Calendar

Please find the financial calendar here.

Financial Year 2023

15.02.2024Quarterly Report - Q4

Financial Year 2024

14.08.2024Half-yearly Report
26.04.2024Annual Report
29.05.2024Annual General Meeting
13.05.2024Quarterly Report - Q1
05.11.2024Quarterly Report - Q3
13.02.2025Quarterly Report - Q4

Close Periods

LINK Mobility will maintain a close period from 2 weeks after quarter end until publication of quarterly reports. In the close periods, no meetings/calls with investors, analysts or other capital market participants will be arranged.

Close period dates:

  • 15.01.2024

  • 15.04.2024

  • 15.07.2024

  • 14.10.2024

  • 13.01.2025