Published on 2021-05-25

Introducing our LINK Partner Community – Customer value made easy

Today we are excited to formally launch our new Partner Program – LINK Partner Community.

Partners are a natural part of our DNA and play an integral part of our strategy. With our new formalized program, our Partners will benefit from our world-class products and services and new opportunities to grow their business through our local presence, knowledge, and global reach. The LINK Partner Community provides Partners with structured and dedicated support for both sales and marketing and ultimately allows them to benefit from our 20+ years’ experience in providing innovative multi-channel communications to their customers.

While we have worked with partners for over 15 years and currently support over 750 partners globally, we now pledge to do even more with a business framework to work with LINK which will stimulate sales and revenues and encourage customer engagement and satisfaction. Our LINK Partner Community allows partners and their customers to take advantage of our full CPaaS experience, including WhatsApp, RCS, Viber, LINK Chat, SMS, and more, creating a value driven mobile messaging ecosystem.

We know that one-size does not fit all so we have implemented a tiered approach which allows us to support Partners with various activities and have categorized our Partners into Integration Partners, Technology Partners, Mobile Network Operator (MNO) Partners, and ‘No-code’ Connectors for global business applications. This allows us to tailor our offering and for Partners to extract the right value from the Community.

“I’m excited we’re launching the LINK Partner Community globally. We’ve worked with Partners for over 15 years, and so naturally Partners are very much part of the LINK DNA. One of our key differentiators is having local expertise in all markets, and our Partner Program is no different. We’re successful when our partners are successful with their customers – it’s all about making customer value easy,” says Fredrik Nyman, Chief Commercial Officer of LINK Mobility.

You can find information about the program, our partners, and more on our LINK Partner Community page.

Interested in how LINK’s partnerships can benefit your organization? Talk to us today!