Published on 2021-08-24

LINK Mobility integrated with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

LINK Mobility’s mobile communications services have been integrated with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Customers can send traditional SMS but can also create rich, engaging landing pages with LINK’s design platform all through Salesforce’s easy-to-use Journey Builder.

Through the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, enterprises have the flexibility to send standard SMS messages to their customer base but now also have the option to send rich SMS messages. Rich SMS messages bring color to the black and white SMS channel and allow customers to improve customer experience by creating personalized offers with branded mobile landing pages.

LINK’s rich designer is seamlessly integrated into the Journey Builder and allows customers to create landing pages simply by dragging and dropping rich widgets, like logos, images, videos, buttons, scratch cards, QR-Codes, and more into the designer. A URL shortener is also built into the solution which can be automatically applied to each campaign to save on SMS characters.

Insights into campaign performance such as outbound and inbound SMS messages, short URL clicks, and end-user’s interactions with the rich landing pages are captured for individual post-processing needs directly within dedicated Salesforce Data Extensions. This data can be used to trigger separate campaigns within Salesforce to build on user preferences, boost customer satisfaction, and help increase conversions.

LINK’s products enable enterprises to build rich campaigns that create lasting impressions with their customers.

When communicating with brands, interactive experiences are guaranteed to increase customer satisfaction. In fact, 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience.*

Other benefits include:

  • Creating engagement

  • Improving customer satisfaction

  • Increasing brand awareness

  • Growing retention and loyalty

  • Maximizing the ROI of your campaign

To get started, LINK’s listing is available in the Saleforce AppExchange or get in touch with us to discuss requirements.