Published on 2022-05-19

MAAF Assurances chooses LINK Mobility to conduct its RCS campaigns

Today, we are delighted to announce that MAAF Assurances has chosen LINK Mobility France (LINK) to deploy an innovative communication campaign using Rich Communication Services (RCS) for its individual and professional customers to optimize its customer experience. With LINK, MAAF Assurances now offers a new interactive experience by utilizing an exchange of pre-written answers to facilitate two-way communication between customers and the brand.

As the successor of SMS, or commonly referred to as “SMS 2.0,” RCS is a powerful tool for marketing and transactional actions. RCS is available on all new Android handsets and offers advanced features similar to those of messaging applications such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or Apple's iMessage.  

LINK was recently awarded "Best RCS Provider – Platinum Winner” by Juniper Research in the Telco Innovation Category at the 2022 Future Digital Awards. Owing to this win, LINK reimagined and optimized MAAF’s customer journey via RCS through an exchange of pre-written answers, allowing MAAF customers to enjoy a host of new advantages.  

"Customer satisfaction is a real challenge for the brand. Our choice was oriented towards automated conversations to innovate in the way we provide certain services to our customers, encourage them to make appointments and measure their satisfaction," says Léa Lassale, Marketing Project Manager at MAAF. 

Reaching 150,681 customers, this first campaign made it possible to analyze customer engagement through RCS. With nearly 89% of the opening rate out of the more than 33,000 RCS sent, MAAF was able to significantly enrich its database. To ensure that it reached every customer, LINK deployed a unique experience by combining the RCS campaign with a Rich SMS Campaign.  

Due to the combination of RCS and SMS, the exposure rate of MAAF’s brand image was maximized: nearly 31% of the people who received the campaign were exposed to the MAAF universe. Moreover, qualitative information was collected through the responses that has improved the brand's customer knowledge for future campaigns.  

LINK is already an established market leader, with more than 20 millions RCS messages sent on behalf of customers worldwide in recent campaigns.